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Amid the release of Destiny 2’s latest major DLC, a growing number of players, including experienced veterans, are diving back into the game. The new neon city and Strand gave people hope for quality game content. However, much has transpired in the Destiny universe since many last played. Those not up to speed on the latest developments, particularly concerning the upcoming Lightfall expansion, may find themselves confused by current in-game events. Therefore, we have compiled a comprehensive overview of the most significant highlights to keep you fully informed. Our team will answer all your questions and prepare you for the epic battle of Humanity with Darkness. Let’s dive into the most important story elements in Lightfall!


Although Vanilla Destiny 2 was controversial regarding gameplay, it’s impossible not to note the rather epic story. It has little to do with Lightfall, but the campaign’s final cutscene started the whole journey, which is now nearing its completion.

Source: DestinyPedia

After The Traveler’s awakening, its Light spread throughout the solar system and beyond. Of course, this couldn’t go unnoticed. As a result, the Black Fleet was awakened and began its search for the source of the Light. Little was known about the Pyramids back then. Guardians only got to learn more about them in Shadowkeep.


Since the main antagonist of Lightfall is Calus, it is worth talking about him. During the first year of Destiny 2, as well as Season of Opulence, various Raids were released that took place on Leviathan. You can describe The Emperor in one single word: greedy. It is especially noticeable in the ship’s environment and the behavior of Calus himself.

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The lore contains many interesting facts about the Emperor’s life. For example, Darkness had already contacted him, and Calus was sure they would win initially. He also had many Shadows as elite fighters. One of them, known as Gahlran, went insane because of the Crown of Sorrow. If you didn’t know, the Guardian became the Shadow of the Earth at the end of Season of Opulence.


Shadowkeep expansion began with our hero’s arrival on the moon to deal with the Hive and the Scarlet Keep. While exploring the fortress, the Guardian found the Pyramid, which began to summon Nightmares of Crota, Ghaul, and Fikrul. As a result, the hero failed to resist them, but Eris Morn managed to teleport them to a safe place.

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Eris explained that the Traveler struck this Pyramid during the first Collapse. Guardians must study them to avoid what they just saw. At the end of the add-on’s storyline, the Guardian broke through the Pyramid’s defenses and got inside, where Darkness spoke to them through the Ghost. The hero found a strange Altar. Upon touching it, they experienced a surreal vision of being in The Black Garden, and Darkness, later known as the Witness, told them that it was their “Salvation.”

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However, after the end of the story campaign, a couple of important events happened. A Fireteam of six Guardians infiltrated The Black Garden to find an Unknown Artifact. It ended up with the threat from the Sol Divisive Vex. Defeating Consecrated Mind and Sanctified Mind opened a passage in the garden’s center that led to the Altar, which the Guardian had already encountered in the Pyramid. It was clear that the Sol Divisive served the Darkness. In the last cutscene of the DLC, Eris Morn acquired an unknown power, and with the release of Beyond Light, it turned out that power was Stasis.


Although in Season of the Worthy, Rasputin warned humanity about the danger from Black Fleet. However, at the beginning of Season of Arrivals, after an attack by one of the Pyramids, Warmind was entirely disabled by Darkness itself. Still, Ana Bray saved his remnants, which would later play a key role in Season of the Seraph.

Source: DestinyPedia

Black Fleet was already in the solar system and near planets such as Io, Mars, Titan, and Mercury. During the Darkness’s attempt to capture the Guardian, Savathun intervened and teleported them to her Court. Following their escape from the Court, they encountered Eris Morn and discovered the Tree of Silver Wings. Throughout the season, players engaged in battles against the Witch Queen’s army while attempting to establish a connection with the Darkness. Eventually, Darkness responded, directing the players to travel to Europe. Ultimately, Black Fleet took over said planets, and The Traveler healed itself to drive off the enemies and give humanity some time to prepare for what is to come.


The expansion introduced players to a new manifestation of the Darkness called Stasis, which enabled them to wield powerful ice-based abilities. The main antagonist of the expansion is Eramis, who continued to be a prominent figure in the game’s narrative, even two years after the release of the expansion. According to the story, the Guardian was sent to Europe because they got a signal from Variks. Consequently, they got involved in a conflict with the House of Salvation. In the same place, they found another pyramid, and the exo-stranger helped our hero to master a new dark power. During the last mission, Eramis locked the Guardian in Stasis, but they accepted the Darkness in themself and, with its help, won this duel.

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Season of the Chosen introduced players to an Exotic Mission called “Presage.” In it, the Guardians went to the ship “Glykon Volatus,” which connected Calus with the Darkness. Furthermore, they discovered Egregore, thanks to which the Emperor would have control over Leviathan in the future. Guardians would also learn about the history of Katabasis, who was the Emperor’s Shadow and served him since the Red War.


In the Witch Queen story plot, Savathun got Traveler’s Light, and everything revolved around this. The story campaign was more devoted to the Witch Queen herself, but in the Destiny universe, The Witness was first mentioned and shown in this expansion. Later, the Guardians acquired access to the expansion Raid, located in yet another Pyramid, the main boss of which was Rhulk, the First Disciple of the Witness.

Source: Bungie

Rhulk’s story is a harrowing and tragic one, tainted by the betrayal of those closest to him. For a more detailed account, we recommend reading about him on DestinyPedia. Especially if you’re not afraid of Witch Queen story spoilers. Regardless, we will briefly tell you about it.

Rhulk hailed from the planet Lubrae, a civilization blessed by the Traveler. However, after being put on trial by his own people, Rhulk returned to his clan, only to be betrayed by his own Father and Mother. They threw him into the Abyss, where the Witness made contact with him, granting him immense power. With these newfound abilities, Rhulk sought vengeance. He unleashed his fury on those who failed him, committing genocide and destroying the star at the center of their system, causing the planet to fracture. From there, Rhulk went on to destroy numerous other civilizations and systems, becoming an unstoppable force of destruction.

You may wonder, “how is his story related to the Witch Queen’s story summary?” Rhulk proposed a deal to the Mother of Worm Gods. He offered her children a chance to survive in exchange for her eternal service to the Witness. Later, the Witch Queen began to serve the Witness, which immediately did not please The First Disciple. After Savathun’s betrayal, Rhulk decided to destroy her Throne World with Upended, but failed and remained locked in the Pyramid. Six Guardians used this chance to open the entrance and defeat Rhulk once and for all.


We have come to one of the most important seasons in the history of Calus because it was here that we delved into his life and soul. The Leviathan reappeared in the Guardian access area. Like its owner, the ship had dramatically changed during its stay in the Darkness. The Leviathan was filled with Nightmares and Egregore, and Eris Morn decided to help the Vanguard break the link between Calus and The Lunar Pyramid by performing a ritual.

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Unfortunately, things weren’t as simple as they seem, as The Crow, Zavala, and Caiatl had to face the ghosts of their past and embrace them throughout the season to complete the ritual. As the heroes delved into their past, the Guardians ventured into Calus’ mind to gain valuable information. Multiple details about Calus and how he saw the world around him were shown during their wanderings. The Guardians unknowingly destroyed all the good in him, which led us to the final mission. They got to Calus, but it was too late. The Emperor surrendered to his desires and was now one of the Witness’s Disciples.


This season, Eramis returned, revealing the truth about Mithrax and his past. Yet, in the context of our article, this is less important. As the story progressed, players discovered artifacts from Nezarec, one of the Witness’s past Disciples. According to legend, the artifacts in question were cursed and had the ability to drain power from whoever bore them.

Source: Bungie

By collecting all these artifacts, Mythrax created an uncommon brew with the opposite effect and helped awaken Osiris from his coma. After waking up, Warlock said that he still had a part of Savathun’s memory and specific information about the city on Neptune, or Neomuna.


And here is the final point in the Witch Queen game story. In Season of the Seraph, Rasputin returned to duty, but only for a short time. Throughout the season, the Guardians along with Ana Bray, Exo-Stranger, and Osiris tried to rebuild the Warmind with the help of Clovis Bray. According to Clovis, he could help Rasputin, and for some time, he did until the heroes figured out that this was just another trick of Clovis. He wanted to use Rasputin to become the god of humanity, but the Sisters caught on in time. They cut off all ties to Bray and gave an exo-body to the Warmind with the help of Felwinter’s Ghost.

The heroes didn’t rest for a long time. At the end of the season, Eramis was able to get to Rasputin’s systems, starting to reconfigure them to destroy the Traveler. Our hero immediately went to the station to prevent the attack, but for this, they had to sacrifice Rasputin. At the same time, Traveler left the Last City and, after the destruction of Warsets, froze in Earth’s orbit, while Black Fleet and the Witness were already in the solar system.
That should give you a basic understanding of the story leading up to the upcoming Lightfall expansion. While there’s much more to discover, this information should be enough for you to catch up on what’s incoming. We hope you found this article informative and consider sharing it with your friends. Check out our other article about the Lightfall game plot and more expansion details. Don’t forget to prepare your character for the new challenges ahead. If you’re short on time, our Destiny 2 services can quickly help you catch up.

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