Destiny 2 Exotic Mission Rotator: Guide, Loot Pool, and Weapons

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Exotic Mission Rotator

Bungie has finally started bringing back a lot of beloved activities to Destiny that were removed from the game in previous years. The community is excited to find out what exactly you can loot there, so we’ve prepared an Exotic Mission Rotator Guide. Here you’ll find all the important information about the new playlist, what loot you can get there, and the best things to acquire. There are many rewards, so let’s not delay and dive into these activities!

What is an Exotic Mission Rotator?

With the release of Season 22, players once again can try out some of the most pleasing content in the entire shooter. Destiny 2 Exotic Mission Rotator (EMR) is a mix of old secret activities, in which you have the ability to acquire unique Craftable Weapons (also from previous seasons). There are a total of two difficulties that players can choose from: Normal and Legendary. Completing the activity on any difficulty guarantees the mission’s Exotic Deepsight weapon. But by passing it on Legendary, you’ll get the Catalyst upgrade.

You can get 3 Deepsight Legendary Weapons in 1 week: one each after completing Normal and Legendary and one more after completing the weekly challenge. Beware that you earn red borders only if the pattern is not unlocked. A nice bonus on top is accelerated progress with the Xenology quest, which you can find at the current Xur location and get it from vendor: finishing on Normal difficulty gives four points and seven on Legendary. 

Currently, EMR playlist includes: Presage, Vox Obscura, and Operation: Seraph Shield. Bungie promises to bring back more over time, keeping players satisfied with even more content. We’re only left to guess what’s next in line for a return.

Exotic Mission Rotator Loot Table

Before we move on to the analysis of all the gear, we should take a look at the overall loot pool. We have already found out that these activities consist of previous seasonal loot and get weekly updates. In total, you’ll be able to earn more than 25 old guns, as well as Exotic Mission Rotator Armor, which are sets from previous seasons.

Exotic Mission Rotator: Exotic Weapons

Let’s start exploring the guns of the new playlist with guns that may appear in the meta in Season 22 and beyond. So far, only three specimens are available to us, and they are worth your attention!

Dead Man’s Tale

Dead Mans Tale

Among all of the trinity, this Scout Rifle is definitely the best PvP Weapon in the Exotic Mission Rotator. Its essence lies in a unique buff called Cranial Spike, which you can get from Precision Hits. This gun enhances Aim Assistance, Range, Reload Speed, and damage against combatants for each stack of Cranial Spike. But you can find the most thrilling things in the Catalyst. With it, Dead Man’s Tale permanently eliminates hip-fire accuracy penalties and raises RPM from the hip. In addition, reaching five stacks of Cranial Spike makes the hip rate of fire even faster. You must acquire DMT if you want to feel like a cowboy.

Dead Messenger

Dead Messenger

Dead Messenger is a curious Grenade Launcher rather than a bad one, which will get a second life and become a possible favorite among buildcrafters. Its unique perk allows you to quickly clear waves of enemies due to the creation of three energy waves when in contact with any object. At the same time, the second perk allows you to change the type of the Grenade Launcher to one of the three light types, each of which improves specific characteristics. As an example, Reload Speed and Airborne Effectiveness are improved with Solar. We recommend paying attention to it when it appears in the rotation.

Revision Zero

Revision Zero

Revision Zero is now considered the most effective Pulse Rifle in the game and the best PvE weapon in Exotic Mission Rotator. Essentially, Revision Zero is a two-in-one gun, which has the ability to turn it into a Sniper Rifle and make it incredibly effective against mobs over time. Its Armor-Piercing Rounds allow you to deal with Barriers from Champions much more quickly due to increased damage to them. Moreover, take Vorpal against Champions or Bosses and Fitted Stock to improve Stability and Recoil Direction during the Heavy Burst mode. Don’t forget to get the Catalyst, which gives Fourth Time’s the Charm (4 Precision Hits generates 2 Ammo to Magazine, and it works in Sniper Mode).

Suppose you decide to take Revision Zero into PvP for some reason. In that case, we recommend choosing Moving Target (better target acquisition and movement) and Under Pressure (improves stability and accuracy with a reduction in the magazine). However, Outlaw is also a good choice as it reduces reload speed after precision takedowns.

Exotic Mission Rotator: Best Legendary Weapons

We continue our discussion with legendary guns. We know the Loot Table was huge, so we are helping you with the following list. Here are the best guns that we selected and recommend to obtain.

Best Presage Weapons

Presage has received an update to the loot list, and now there are guns from Season of the Haunted instead of Chosen ones. Three legendaries from that season remain in the meta and are not particularly keen to leave by returning with D2 Exotic Mission Rotator.

Drang (Baroque)

Drang (Baroque)

Do you love playing PvP and running with Sidearms? Then Drang (Baroque) must get into your hands with the right perks. It’ll send your opponents to hell and make them hate you in a few seconds. At the very least, you’ll be interested in Moving Target and Zen Moment for more stable and accurate shooting. 

But if you are looking to use PvE Sidearm, which are currently very good, we recommend crafting and trying Drang (Baroque) with Wellspring and Incandescent perks to get Ability energy and grant Scorch debuff on near enemies after takedowns.



Beloved is one of the best PvP Sniper Rifles, which, back in the day, caused a massacre among Guardians. The perfect archetype combined with Snapshot Sights and Moving Target makes it a perfect choice for every Crucible Player. The former allows you to aim faster, and the latter improves target acquisition when aiming. We also suggest Quickdraw if you don’t need additional Aim Assist and often swap your guns.

CALUS Mini-Tool

Calus Mini-Tool

Before Ikelos SMG, there was Calus Mini-Tool. Now it’s back with all its glory as one of the EMR Old Weapons. In the third column, it has Thread Detector (boosts reload speed, stability, and handling when foes are within 15 meters) and Unrelenting (rapid or powerful combatant takedowns grant HP regen), each of which will be useful in any PvE content, including GM Nightfalls. Incandescent has always been the excellent choice in Solar Builds, not only for Hunters or Titans but even for Warlocks.

Best Vox Obscura Weapons

There are fewer available legendaries in the Vox Obscura, and there are few S-tier guns among them. Nevertheless, Bungie gave them to us, and we must obtain them in Season 22 Exotic Mission Rotator.

Explosive Personality

Explosive Personality

If you don’t go on Raids and need an excellent Wave GL, then boldly farm Explosive Personality. Auto-Loading Holster automatically reloads the grenade launcher while it is holstered for 2.5 seconds, so it’s quite an obvious choice. In the fourth column, two enjoyable options exist: Frenzy and Unrelenting. The first perk gives Explosive Personality 15% Bonus Damage, 100 Reload Speed and Handling for being in combat 12 seconds. The second one is suitable if you have survival issues, as it starts Health Regeneration and restores 80 HP after killing three red-bar enemies or one stronger enemy.

Don’t underestimate this GL in PvP, as it also performs well in this mode. In the third column, Auto-Loading Holster is still a priority; in the fourth, you should take a Disruption Break. Upon destroying a Shield, it boosts Kinetic Damage dealt to the target by 50%. The perk will always work since hitting Guardians with Explosive Personality will break their Shield. Kinetic Sidearms, some of which you may find here, will be helpful combined with this Grenade Launcher

Under Your Skin

Under Your Skin

If you need a good Bow to use any activities, including Crucible, then Under Your Skin is a fantastic option, mainly because of the ability to obtain Red Borders in Exotic Mission Rotator. The choice will be pretty evident in PvE, as Archer Tempo and Explosive Head are the most powerful bows perk. But the situation is much more interesting with PvP, as that’s the only Bow with a combination of Hip-Fire Grip and Opening Shot, allowing you to have 100 Aim Assistance when shooting from the hip. In a recent article, we wrote more about Under Your Skin, so check it out.

Best Operation: Seraph’s Shield Weapons

If you played during the Season of the Seraph, you know how many impressive gun models you could obtain there. Now is the time to close the gestalt and acquire all these EMR Weapons!

Path of Least Resistance

Path of Least Resistance

You can never have too many Trace Rifles, and Path of Least Resistance is one that all Guardians have loved. You have the opportunity to craft it with Shoot to Loot (when shooting an Ammo Brick, you pick it up and reload all guns, and you are even able to pick up Orbs of Power the same way) or Triple Tap (3 precision hits return one ammo in the magazine). In the fourth column, there is nothing better than Voltshot, which overcharges Path of Least Resistance after taking down the target to jolt the next opponent. It’ll be great in your Arc build and valuable in any PvE content. 

Judgment of Kelgorath

Judgment of Kelgorath

Though few people love glaives, Judgment of Kelgorath is worth getting, as it may be considered the most effective glaive in Destiny 2. But what is so special about it? Primarily, of course, the archetype, as it is the only Legendary Aggressive Glaive in the game. It fires less often but, in return, deals more damage per shot. The icing on the cake is the perks. Overflow helps expand an already small Magazine, as it has the ability to double-fill it by picking up any Ammo. Close to Melee is suitable in regular content, as Projectile Final Blow increases Glaive Melee Damage by 30%. In contrast, Unstoppable Force increases Projectile Damage by 20% after blocking damage with a Shield, which will be better in Grandmasters.

Retrofit Escapade

Retrofit Escapade

Although the finest Machine Gun is still Commemoration, as detailed in the Heavy Slot guide, Retrofit Escapade is still worth farming. If Guardians usually use Machine Guns against crowds of enemies, then this one is more suitable in DPS. To do this, you need a combination of Fourth Time’s the Charm + Target Lock. The former returns two bullets every four Precision Hits, allowing you to shoot longer. The latter gradually increases the damage while dealing continuous damage, up to 40% (45% with the enhanced version).


Ikelos SR

Ikelos Sniper Rifle has rarely let anyone down, and with its return, it will again win the hearts of players. Although you can’t use it in PvP, you should take it into Dungeons or Raids. Both perks above are excellent, as while one returns two rounds every four crit hits, the other increases damage after scoring 50% of Magazine as Precision Hits. We recommend obtaining it as soon as possible, as it is the best weapon for Raid in Exotic Missions in all senses.


Ikelos SMG

This SMG is the first thing you should farm in the new activity, especially Deepsight versions. It can be considered as a Legendary Riskrunner and an excellent reward in EMR. No wonder it’s on the list of the best SMGs.

All the love of the people formed thanks to perk called Voltshot. Upon finishing a reload within 5 seconds of IKELOS_SMG’s Final Blow, your next hit from your submachine gun applies Jolt. Incredibly powerful and simple, isn’t it? Since you’ll be reloading quite often, why not use perks that can upgrade reload speed? Threat Detector improves your Stability, Handling, and Reload Speed when enemies are near you, and Feeding Frenzy speeds up reload after each Final Blow, up to 5 stacks.

In addition to PvE, IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3 is also very good in PvP. Even with the Rangefinder Nerf, it has lovely perks that greatly help during duels. One of these is Tap The Trigger, which after pressing the trigger, gives 40 Stability and improves accuracy. Dynamic Sway Reduction will also come in handy in duels, as it gradually improves accuracy and stability with each shot. But if you are a fan of 6v6, then Killing Wind (Final Blows boosts Range, Mobility, and Handling) is going to be helpful in making streaks.

Final Words

And now you know everything about Destiny 2 EMR and what you could get from it. We hope now you know how to get old weapons in these Activities, and our guide has helped you better understand whether to spend time on the new activity. This activity has become a pleasant surprise for all of us, and its loot is a great cherry on a big cake. If you are interested in obtaining these guns, you may get them in Destiny 2 Services, where you’ll find everything for yourself.

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