Destiny 2 Eliksni Quarter Community Event: Activities and Rewards

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The Eliksni Quarter Community Event started on November 22. The two-week activity centers around helping the Fallen to improve their life condition. It also presents an excellent opportunity to pick up various goodies. Keep reading to find out everything you need to complete this mission.


You have to collect Captain’s Coins and contribute them to the disadvantaged area via the Donation Chest. It’s situated in the Tower. Along the way, you will receive both individual and community rewards depending on how active you are in donating.

Here are the activities to obtain Captain’s Coins and the amount you can get according to Reddit user Bachmanetti:


You can always keep track of your personal progress via the Donation Chest. Nonetheless, we’ve compiled them in the table below in case you want to do a quick check.

Pay special attention to Gift Boxes. They have the chance to drop Deepsight weapons, Eververse Engrams, and Bright Dust.

You are also able to gain the following triumphs:


Guardians will progress together through various common goals. Each affords a new upgrade to the Fallen’s base and provides more ways to use your materials or unlock more possible rewards.

This is a pleasant activity to wrap up Season 18. However, it’s only available until December 6. If you are not a fan of endless farming, take a look at WowVendor boosts for Captain’s Coins and Eliksni Quarter Gift Box.

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