Destiny 2 X Arknights: Release Date and What to Expect

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Destiny 2 X Arknights: Release Date and What to Expect

In a surprising move, Destiny 2 and Arknights are joining forces to celebrate the fourth anniversary of the latter on Chinese servers. Despite two completely different gameplay styles, their unexpected collaboration has ignited excitement among fans of both franchises. Thus, the community is abuzz with speculation about what exciting surprises this partnership may bring. 

Arknights has carved a niche for itself as one of the most sought-after Gacha games in the industry. Despite its limited availability across all platforms, its gripping tower-defense missions and compelling characters have endeared it to fans who crave an adrenaline-fueled challenge. Moreover, it has an impressive track record of successful team-up with big-time franchises. Some names are Monster Hunter: World, Muse Dash, and Rainbow Six Siege. Thus, solidifying its position as a top pick for exciting partnerships.

Gamers who are eagerly anticipating the highly anticipated Arknights and Destiny 2 collaboration won’t have to wait too long. The content is set to launch on CN servers in the third quarter of 2023, just in time for Arknights’ fourth anniversary. The release date will probably be sometime in September or October. A heads up, though, global releases usually come out about six months later than the initial CN release. So, it’s time to practice one’s patience. After all, the rewards of this eagerly awaited collaboration will undoubtedly be worth the wait. 

Yostar has confirmed this piece of exciting information to be true. However, Bungie has yet to announce anything. Perhaps they are still busy cleaning up the aftermath that the Lightfall leaker has left behind. Nevertheless, Guardians may expect some armor sets or ornaments tied to Arknights. 

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