Destiny 2 SoD: Bungie Changed Iron Banner Mode to Eruption

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Destiny 2 Season of the Deep Iron Banner Khepri's Horn: Bungie Changed Iron Banner Mode to Eruption.

What a day it was for Iron Banner (IB) in Destiny 2: Season of the Deep. A game-breaking glitch had caused quite a stir in the community. Thus Bungie had to take extreme measures and change the event’s mode from Control to Eruption.

The glitch has secured its place as one of the most broken bugs in recent memory, rewarding players 78 points in a mere second. Players could zoom through an IB match in a heartbeat by amassing an abundance of points by using the Khepri’s Horn Exotic, the Drengr’s Lash, and Barricade on Firepit. 

Bungie was quick to patch it up after only two hours. They disabled the Khepri’s Horn exotic Titan helmet in all activities. However, this couldn’t truly fix the problem. After all, if a Guardian still had the exotic on when it was disabled and they didn’t change character, they could still benefit from the cheese. 

That said, it left the studio with no choice but to completely disable the Control game mode and change it to Eruption.

While the decision managed to keep the FPS title stable for now, it doesn’t mean the community is satisfied with what’s happening.

But anyhow, it seems the reign of Khepri’s Horn bug has come to an end. For now.

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