Destiny 2 Season 19 Ending Cinematic: All References

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Bungie shook the whole community with its Season 19 ending cinematic. Even now, its aftermath is still spreading across social media.

Didn’t you get chills down your spine when the Traveler slowly lined up with the Destiny 1 poster at 3:27? If so, get ready for more. The creative team behind the masterpiece didn’t stop there. They implemented many other references that vigilant gamers have spotted. Thus, our dear friend, Owl, has compiled a collection of these nods to the original game below. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the fascinating details you may have overlooked. They will surely ignite your imagination and spark theories about what lies ahead.


Initially appeared in 2014, the pyramids have once again returned, this time in the chilling finale of the Witch Queen ending cinematic. Like a dark omen, their reappearance aligned with the ominous words of the Witness, who spoke of the Traveler’s inescapable fate: “Because it has nowhere else to run.” Thus, the community now finds itself divided between three theories:

Yet, the answer remains shrouded in the mystery of Lightfall for now.


What’s that? Ikora Rey and Zavala are in the same frame? Well, that’s true. But what we’re getting here is more than what first meets the eye. Pay closer attention to the left and right sides of the frame. You will see the presence of the guardians from the original game gazing up at the sky as the Traveler ascends into the Earth’s orbit.


Crow was spotted standing atop a building from the Scourge of the Past raid. It was a special moment because fans have been eagerly awaiting the raid’s return ever since it was removed in November 2020.


No comprehensive list could be considered complete without paying tribute to the unforgettable recreation of the Destiny 1 poster. The striking scene serves as a subtle nod to the cherished memories of the original game and is widely regarded by players for its iconic and nostalgic significance. As the Traveler emerged from the Earth’s surface, did you, like so many others, find yourself holding your breath in anticipation as it slowly aligned itself into the exact position of your memory?

That concludes the current list of references to the Destiny 1 game. However, if you happen to come across any additional ones, don’t hesitate to reach out to WowVendor. We would be glad to update the list accordingly.

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