Destiny 2 Lightfall: Bungie Raised Season Pass Price

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Destiny 2 Lightfall: Bungie Raised Season Pass Price

Bungie is stirring the Destiny 2 community as the company has recently announced an increase in its Season Pass price

Price Rises, Wallet Wails

Season Pass prices are set to rise from 1000 Silver to 1200 Silver with the arrival of Season of the Deep. This comes as a cause for concern, considering Lightfall base expansion’s price has already seen a $10 increase compared to its predecessor, The Witch Queen. 

As players evaluate the impact on their wallets, a bitter taste lingers due to the lack of an in-game option to obtain the exact 1200 Silver required for the Season Pass. Currently, players can only acquire Silver in predetermined bundles. There are only three options: $10 grants you 1100 Silver, $15 gets you 1700, and with $20, you’ll receive 2300 in return. So, those interested in buying will have no choice but to opt for the $15 bundle. Thus having to pay an additional $5 rather than the expected $1-$2 increase. In Australia, the situation is even worse. The price jumps from $15 straight to $30.

Players Aren’t Happy with the State of the Game

Destiny 2 Lightfall: Bungie Raised Season Pass Price

It’s not hard to see that Bungie is actively exploring different ways to make as much money from the game as possible. They have implemented various methods, such as charging more for expansions, Season Passes, in-game items, and so on. However, this only adds to players’ long list of discontentment with the current state of their beloved title. Even though statistics are in Lightfall’s favor, it’s impossible to ignore the sourness lingering in the community when talking about the main campaign. And the situation is only further exacerbated by the presence of various unsolved game-breaking bugs.

While Bungie’s desire to explore various avenues for revenue generation is understandable, it is crucial to address the underlying concerns regarding the state of the game. As Destiny 2 is soon to welcome its Season 21, the studio may want to strike a delicate balance between maximizing profits and prioritizing the players’ experience.

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