How To Beat Destiny 2’s King’s Fall Raid: Oryx Encounter

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Here comes the King.

Hello Guardians, and welcome to the last part of our epic King’s Fall guide series. The final battle of the raid is going to be a tough one, but you’ll earn a whole bunch of high-tier loot pieces and, if lucky enough, even get a King’s Fall exotic on your first try. And, of course, we’ll walk you through every single step of the encounter, so let’s buckle up and dive right in!

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The big baddie, Oryx, is the final boss of King’s Fall, and by big, we mean really big. The giant will show up to trigger the encounter, slamming one of the platforms to make it glow green. From that moment on, it’s all pretty much similar to the daughters’ mechanics.

The platform that’s caught up in green flames is always your starting point. The assigned player jumps on it to reveal and call out the second one, then another player jumps on the called-out platform to trigger the Torn effect, and the Torn player journeys from one point to another to collect a Blightguard piece. Been here, done that.

The juiciest part goes to those who are not involved with the platform mechanic.

First of all, they need to fight adds. But that’s not all. There’ll be ogre enemies spawning from time to time. They’re quite bulky compared to regular adds, but it’s vital you get rid of them as fast as you can. Once you’ve killed an ogre, a new Light Eater Knight enemy will spawn. This guy will head towards the Blight orb dropped by the ogre, and your job is to not let him destroy it. However, apart from protecting the orbs, you shouldn’t do anything else with them. At least, not at this point.

Source: Bungie

Meanwhile, the platform-jumping and piece-collecting mechanic goes on. Once three pieces of the Blightguard are gathered, the Vessel enemy shows up with a shield similar to that of one of the daughters from the previous fight. Just like you did before, the Torn player with the last piece has to steal the shield, make the Vessel guy vulnerable, and kill him really quickly.

Then, Oryx summons the Darkness. Every player needs to run to the Taken Blight orbs – those dropped by the ogres, remember? – to activate them. Once the ‘detonated the Corrupted Light‘ messages start popping up, rush to the protective bubble at the center of the arena. Oryx will shoot energy beams and vaporize anyone who’s not covered by the shield. If you survive the wipe, a crit spot in Oryx’s chest will be revealed. That’s where you have to pour all your damage into.

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Then, one of the two possible scenarios might unfold:

Eventually, the final stand will begin, and you absolutely must secure that Oryx the Taken King kill in this last cycle if you want to successfully finish the raid.

Things need to be done super fast. Two ogres will show up, dropping spheres once killed. When Oryx summons the Darkness, you have to activate the spheres and then run like hell into the protective bubble in the center of the location to survive Oryx’s devastating blow. And when you’re inside your shiny little hideout, fire all weapons you have until Oryx is dead.

Source: Bungie Autor: Piotr Jablonski

King’s Fall is indeed one of the toughest Destiny 2 raids, and we hope our guides helped you get through it. In case you haven’t read the whole series, we’ll leave all the links right here: Opening & Totems, Warpriest, Golgoroth, and Oryx’s Daughters.

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Thank you for stopping by, and see you all at the Tower!

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