Bungie Revealed Big Trials of Osiris and Competitive Changes

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Great changes for Trials of Osiris are finally announced and will be implemented this March!

Bungie Revealed Big Trials of Osiris and Competitive Changes

Trials of Osiris and the Competitive Playlist are crucial parts of the Crucible in Destiny 2, as this is where players can test all their skills while earning great rewards. It’s no wonder the developers try to improve them every time, making these modes better for all players. The patch is going to be released on March 5, which is no exception.

To motivate players to play in Competitive more, the developers had to work on the rewards as well. In Competitive Crucible, you will receive Artifice Armor after playing nine games a week! This armor is great because it has a free slot for a +3 stat. Once you get it, you can effectively farm by winning the games. It’s a great alternative for those who don’t like going into Master Dungeons.

In Trials of Osiris, to attract more players, changes were made to the cards:

Also, to motivate players to play in a Fireteam of three, players from such teams will receive significantly more rewards, namely:

These changes will ideally help both solo Guardians and players who want to spend time with friends. If you’re interested in what other changes are awaiting Destiny 2, then you should definitely read the news articles about the major Destiny 2 Crucible Update and new Destiny 2 accessibility options! We recommend getting acquainted with these changes!

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