Bungie Put an End to Destiny 2 Exotic-Legendary Hybrids

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Bungie Put an End to Destiny 2 Exotic-Legendary Hybrids

Bungie has resolved the Destiny 2 bug that allowed players to craft Exotic-Legendary hybrids

The Trials of Osiris in Season of the Witch went through a few days of chaos because of an unintended exploit. Players stumbled upon a method to merge Exotic perks with Legendary firearms. Thus, gaining the ability akin to wielding multiple Exotics at once. With this newfound advantage, they effortlessly dispatched enemies with a single shot. And so, as a result, the game’s balance was significantly disrupted. 

Instead of promptly taking Trials of Osiris or PvP offline as usual, Bungie encouraged players to “have some fun” while they worked on a fix. However, it seems the fun time has come to an end as the studio has found its solutions to put the bug to rest. They have implemented a two-step plan to restore balance: 


Rest assured, though. Players who used glitched weapons will not face any punishment, as confirmed by Bungie.

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Miss my unlimited 12 shot grenade launcher so much. Wish they would make events like this rather and boring rotations of nothing we get over and over.