Bungie Bans Top PvE Player in Destiny 2 for RTS Cheats

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Another day, another scandal around Bungie and its player base. The studio permanently bans top PvE player in Destiny 2 for using an RTS cheating engine.

Bungie Bans Top PvE Player in Destiny 2 for RTS Cheats

If you are interested in the gaming industry, then you know that cheaters are one of the main problems in service games. Developers constantly fight against them, trying to stop them quickly. Unfortunately, the situation with cheaters in Destiny 2 is no better, and very often, innocent players suffer by being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Cruz, one of the top PvE players and a 4x World First champion, found himself in an awkward situation when Bungie banned him a few days ago. The player immediately filed an appeal, but a day later, he received a rejection and a permanent ban on his account. The reason was an old cheat engine called ArtMoney, which he uses in RTS games to get money or somehow change the game. However, this program is not illegal as stated in its License Agreement and cannot alter or affect Destiny 2 in any way. Bungie, in turn, considers this memory editing/debugging software as a cheat program that can be used in D2.

The community has met this news with mixed feelings. Some users ask Bungie to deal with real cheaters, who are abundant in PvP and remain unpunished for months. Other users simply rejoice at the ban of a cheater, whether from Destiny or any other game:

An interesting comment was made by Paul Tassi, a Forbes journalist, who noted that Bungie fired many people responsible for player support and security. Apparently, because of this, we can expect many scandals in the coming months, in which Bungie will ban innocent players who use some software that could be considered a cheat program.

What do you think about this situation? Is it right that Bungie banned Cruz? Maybe they can still unban him due to the community’s angry reaction? Share your opinion in the comments!

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