Best Solar Warlock Build in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

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Fire is a Light, a Life, and a Deadly Weapon. Warlocks completely understand this knowledge and utilize its potential to the fullest! Get your Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build for every activity right now!

Warlock Solar Subclass Builds

Key Takeaways:

  • The first build is perfect for any PvE content even for completing Solo dungeons.
  • The second best Solar Warlock build in Destiny 2 is useful for hard endgame content, where it is important for you to survive at any cost.
  • The third build will help you out in PvP, where you’ll outplay any opponent.

Solar Subclasses are some of the most effective in Destiny 2. Their aggressive approach in battles saves the lives of many Guardians. In the case of Warlocks, it is one of the highest priorities in numerous activities. All known Well of Radiance is indispensable in any DPS phases on all bosses and without it, as if without hands. But a genuine question occurs: “Can I create the most powerful and the best Solar Warlock build?

Today we will assist in understanding the topic by showing three strong builds in PvE and PvP. With this guide’s help, you’ll learn how to, from ability final blows, extend your Healing or Fusion Grenades usage, make nearby allies radiant, and even get cure and restoration effects. By using them, you can set fireworks on the battlefield, take out bosses with only grenades, become literally immortal, and create chaos in Crucible. Turn on the game, and it’s time to fire up everything on your way to get the perfect Destiny 2 Solar Warlock build!

First Best Solar Warlock Build: Sunbracers Build

Solar Warlock Build

Let’s begin with a build that will be relevant even in the next DLC. With its assist, running through solo Dungeons or solo Lost Sectors turns into a walk with some lava on a hot beach. Don’t forget to check out the list above because everything you need to have in the first best Solar Warlock loadout there.

To get started, take the proper aspects. With Heat Rises, you get a buff with the same name when you consume a grenade. The aspect also gives you Melee Energy for Final Blows in the air. Furthermore, Heat Rises aspect is very important here. You need it to use Phoenix Dive and get x2 Restoration buff, which makes you undying. Touch of Flame here to improve Grenade duration and create Lava Blobs from Grenades, which cause more harm on the big radius.

The gameplay loop here is simple: defeat enemies using ONLY Powered Melee. This will activate Sunbracers Exotic perk, which guarantees one of the best D2 Solar Warlock build abilities: unlimited Solar Grenades for a short time. Don’t forget that Incinerator Snap can trigger Ignition, which can also activate the Sunbracers perk, but only red bar enemies could be defeated by only one Powered Melee use.. So, here are two optimal steps to deal with those combatants:

All those efforts come to one last thing: spam your grenades as fast as you can and repeat!

Regarding fragments, utilizing Ember of Ashes is important to assemble more stacks of Scorch Debuff. At the same time, “Searing creates Firesprite and gives Melee energy by defeating Scorched enemies. The final one is Ember of Empyrean, which extends Restoration and Radiant buff after every single Solar Final Blow.

Sunbracers build is simple like that, and easily the best Warlock Solar 3.0 Build. Just to make it even more OP, put all the armor mods above. They will help you recharge your abilities even faster and spawn huge amounts of orbs in the arena. For example, Weapon Surge Mods will help increase the damage of your guns while spending Armor Charges. Firepower generates Orbs with Grenade Final Blows for the previous mod. In contrast, other glove armor mods grant Melee and Class abilities energy by hurting foes with a grenade. Every single mod in our build is crucial, and we touched only some, so just don’t forget them.

Second Solar Warlock PvE Build: Dawn Chorus Build

Solar Warlock PvE Build

Do you need any solution with survivability in endgame activities? Our top Solar Warlock build will support you to become genuinely invulnerable and also help you stay far away by dealing significant damage! But, before assembling it, remember that you should have 100 Resilience and Discipline to survive hard fights with enemies and have a grenade cooldown much lower.

As in the previous build, we take the same aspects and fragments. The main difference is the Dawn Chorus and Polaris Lance Exotics. The helmet is suitable here because it increases the harm from Scorch debuff by 200% and also restores Melee Ability by 6.25% with Scorch injury. In conjunction with Dawn Chorus, Polaris Lance will deal massive damage and is one of the best Solar Warlock weapons. Speaking of scout rifles, with Ember of Ashes, you can generate Ignition on any enemy much faster; on Exotic specifically, you can do it for 2 Explosive Solar Rounds instead of 3, dealing enormous DPS to enemies like Champions.

You can further enhance Polaris Lance with Solar Weapon Surges and Ember of Torches that provide Radiant buff by hurting an enemy with Celestial Fire, which improves gun damage to 25%, so keep your eye on them. Thus, both Exotics will become must-haves in any PvE content.

So what about survivability in the Solar Warlock class setup? Keep three important and interrelated points to better understand how to use it:

And just like that, you have the second best Solar Warlock PvE build. Make sure to share it with your friends so that you can take down and light up enemies in large numbers together!

Solar Warlock PvP Build: Rain of Fire Build

Solar Warlock PvP Build

Tired of the PvP meta and want to try something new and, most importantly, effective? Get ready to travel to the Vault of Glass because the main element of the best Solar Warlock PvP build in Destiny 2 is Vex Mythoclast and his Catalyst! However, it is possible to make the named weapon even better and help you out with Rain Of Fire Exotic.

Those Legs provide a Radiant buff (increases your weapon damage by 10% in PvP) after each Fusion Rifle Final Blow. Exotic boots synergize well with the Vex Mythoclast, which is just a type of weapon that shoots like an Auto Rifle. And that’s not all, as its Catalyst significantly improves damage after Final Blows from this gun. Remember how the unique Exotic perk works. It allows you to turn Vex Mythoclast into Linear Fusion Rifle, which is very convenient!

Now let’s talk about other essential components of the best Solar Warlock PvP build. Icarus Dash is an excellent Movement Ability because it will be able to reload our guns due to Rain Of Fire. Ember of Beams synergizes well with Daybreak, making hitting enemies with your Super easier. Solace fragment will enhance the Radiant Buff duration, which can often save your life. Don’t forget to equip mods to have a strong Solar weapon or any other in your hands. We do not recommend using Fusion Grenade in PvP, as Healing or Tripmine will be more useful. Outreach and Bomber are good choices to speed up the regen of your Abilities. Wouldn’t any Warlock place a Rift at every opportunity they have?

Solar Warlock Artifact Recommendations

The first Episode brings with it a new Artifact and Solar subclass is at its peak with it. That’s why now we can recommend the perfect bonuses for your The Final Shape best Solar Warlock build in Destiny until the following Episode. Let’s hope that Bungie will not deprive the Solar Subclass next time!

First Column 

Second Column

Third Column

Fourth Column

Fifth Column

Solar Warlock Artifact

Here we come to the end of our Destiny 2 Solar Warlock Build Guide. With those loadouts, your Warlock will be able to use his unique abilities even more competently, setting the heat on any opponent!

Suppose you liked those builds and want to try to assemble new ones for another subclass. In that case, we have already made separate article on every best Warlock build in Destiny 2 with the same detailed explanations. Do you need some assistance farming High-Stat armor or getting the best Solar Warlock Exotics from our builds? We recommend Destiny 2 Service for any challenge!

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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