Discover the Best Arc Warlock Builds in Destiny 2

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Craft the best Arc Warlock build in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish to upgrade your Guardian to the next level.

Warlock Stormcaller

Arc abilities are truly unique in the Destiny 2 universe. They charge their bearer in such a way that they become an unstoppable machine moving at superluminal speed. It’s hard to stop an Arc subclass player because they can easily dodge bullets and run circles around their target, constantly beating them. We’ve already discussed the merits of Titans and Hunters with this subclass. Now it’s time for Warlocks to harness the true power of the light side and show off their Arc Warlock builds in Destiny 2!

Fallen Sunstar Build

Fallen Sunstar

Let’s start with the most balanced build, which will be relevant without any seasonal Artifacts mods. With the first build, you can comfortably navigate even in Endgame activities. No wonder it got into the top Arc Warlock builds in Destiny 2!

First and foremost, you’ll need the Fallen Sunstar helmet, which is meta among Arc Warlocks. Why is it so loved? The answer is simple — the Exotic enhances Ionic Traces, making them faster and giving you more ability energy from them. Additionally, it supports your fireteam by providing everyone with ability energy when you collect Ionic Traces.

However, you need to generate the Ionic Traces somehow. For this, you’ll require the Electrostatic Mind Aspect and Coldheart weapon. The former facilitates their creation, as you’ll essentially receive them for any abilities takedowns or by defeating jolted or blinded foes. Further, with its support, Ionic Traces amplifies you, which will come in handy later. In terms of Coldheart: when the weapon is in a high-damage state, it periodically spawns Ionic Traces. Achieving this state is simple; just fire the target for an extended period. You can also take the Spark of Ions Fragment, which grants Ionic Traces for beating a jolted enemy (for example, using a grenade that jolts targets thanks to Spark of Shock). The Arc Soul Aspect is helpful in itself as it acts as a turret on the shoulder. 

Now we consolidate the best Arc Warlock build with various improvements. Getting the Amplified buff has become more manageable, and you need it for specific Fragments, Artifact perks, and one Aspect:

With the Amplified buff activated, you’ll constantly receive all the listed bonuses, which is beneficial in the current season. 

We are thrilled to share some additional recommendations to optimize your build! A must-have in this build is, of course, the Firepower mod, which generates Orbs of Power after grenade Final Blows. Orbs themselves will be useful for Arc Weapon Surge, which enhances the weapon’s damage depending on the amount of Surge mods. With Ashes to Assets, you’ll be able to earn Super energy by taking down enemies with grenades. In order to constantly receive bonus damage without picking up an Orb of Power, you can use Elemental Charge, which gives Armor Charge for every 3 Ionic Traces.

After a canvas of explanation, now you know why this is one of the best Warlock builds for Arc subclass!

Chromatic Fire Build

Chromatic Fire

Unlike the previous build, this one prioritizes your weapon usage over generating Ionic Traces or subclass abilities. This does not make it inferior, but it allows you to complete dungeons on your own successfully.

Everything revolves around Chromatic Fire, a versatile Exotic that creates an explosion based on your subclass through crit takedowns from your Kinetic weapon. In the case of an Arc subclass, the explosion applies a blinding debuff to all combatants caught in the blast radius. Ideal Exotic armor for Arc Warlock in any situation!

Regarding the Kinetic gun, think of something that can quickly eliminate enemies through headshots and be effective in any content. You can choose an Exotic Pulse Rifle like Outbreak Perfected or a Hand Cannon like Ace of Spades. The last weapon, in particular, might appeal to you because of its Firefly, which explodes enemies with headshots, and the Memento Mori perks, which reloads six bullets with extra damage upon destroying a foe.

Everything is the same in terms of other Aspects of the Arc Warlock PvE Build. Our final recommendation is to replace Arc Surge with Kinetic Weapon Surge in your mods to strengthen your weapon.

Arc Warlock PvP Build

Transersetive Steps

Well, this might be the most interesting part of the article for some of you, as Arc Warlocks excel in PvP. Their speed and power are perfect for eradicating Guardians in a matter of seconds. After all, it is Arc Warlock subclass meta in Destiny 2 PvP!

The first component of the build is Transversive Steps, which are at their peak performance and ideal for Arc due to the 6.25% sprint improvement. Specifically in PvP, a feature you should pay attention to is the ability to reload your weapon in 1.5 seconds after sprinting. Besides, the slide distance is increased by 33%, which is a godsend for shotgun enthusiasts or those who like to maneuver swiftly across the arena.

Arc Soul and Lightning Surge are our preferred Aspects for PvP. Lightning Surge is particularly effective as it allows the Warlock to use a powerful melee ability similar to a Titan’s knee strike. After using it, you will teleport and cause significant damage in a wide area. The damage of the Lightning Surge depends on the number of opponents it hits, and you can even wipe out an entire team without giving them a chance to blink.

As for the Fragments, they are entirely different. Let’s go through them in order and see why they are so good in this game mode:

If you are searching for guidance on which weapons to utilize, we have an article that provides recommendations in terms of Primary, Special, and Heavy weapons. We highly suggest taking a look and get the best build loadouts for Arc Warlock!

Arc Warlock Artifact Mods

Sadly, in Season 23, there are no optimal perks for Arc Warlock builds that you are able to utilize. You can pick any Artifact mods you want, but we recommend to focus on your weapons and what can help in certain activities.

Last Words on Destiny 2 Arc Warlock Builds

Congratulations! Your Arc Warlock is now fully electrified and ready to sweep away any enemies in their path!

If you enjoyed this Arc Warlock build guide and would like to explore more content like it, we have three guides available for the Solar, Strand, and Void subclasses. These articles provide more detailed information and feature even more captivating builds than we have already discussed.

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Hello, Wayne. We didn’t update the article this season because we were busy with other guides (sorry!!).

If you are wondering what to take for your Arc build, we recommend the following:
1 column – Any Weapon
2nd column – Arc/Strand Siphon Combo, Diviner’s Discount
3rd column – Elemental Orbs: Arc, Origin Perk Specialization
4th column – Refreshing Pickups, Communal Pickups, Elemental Fury
5th column – Monochromatic Maestro, Elemental Embrace or Elemental Munitions

I hope this helps you!