Must-Have Strand Titan Build for PvE and PvP Activities

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Learn how to get yourself the best Strand Titan build in Destiny 2 this season!

The recent addition of the Strand subclass has led to a surge in player interest and exploration in Destiny 2. It differs significantly from what we have seen before and intrigues everyone after each new discovery. More than half a year has passed since the release of Lightfall. And many unique features and even cool D2 Titan Strand Builds were found that surpass the Light Subclasses in some ways. We have already discussed Warlocks and Hunters, but this article will focus on Titan’s amazing loadouts and their incredible power.

Suspend Build

Strand Titan PvE Build

We’ll start this article with the strongest Strand loadout among all classes, and it is ideal for any content type in Destiny 2. The entire gameplay revolves around the Class Ability, which, due to Drengr’s Lash and Abeyant Leap, is able to Suspend a crowd of enemies instantly. No wonder everyone is now calling it the best Titan Strand PvE build.

You may wonder, “Then what does the named aspect and Exotic do?” Well, Drengr’s Lash creates a ripple in reality that travels forward along the ground, suspending and damaging targets. At the same time, Abeyant Leap enhances this by releasing two additional ripples. Moreover, this Exotic Armor allows you to receive Woven Mail when suspending targets, which is why Shackle Grenade is a great choice. We can say with ease that that’s the perfect armor for this best Titan Strand Build.

Now, let’s talk about fragments and mods because they play a big role here. The most important things are the Thread of Mind and Generation. Through them, you’ll receive Grenade and Class Ability energy. Thread of Continuity will help Suspend enemies for much longer, and Wisdom will spawn Orbs of Power. We also recommend using Weapon Surge Mods to make your weapons deal more damage, which will be useful in Endgame activities. Once you understand when to use your abilities, Suspend build will be a real blessing for your Titan.

Melee Build

Best Strand Titan PvE Build

The previous loadout may seem boring to many, especially in low/mid-tier content. Fortunately, there exists a more fun build that is also capable of solo killing Raid Bosses. Meet one of the best Strand Titan builds with Wormgod Caress and Banner of War!

Let’s look into the aspect of Banner of War, which has managed to surprise the community. With a Melee, Finisher, or Sword Final Blow, you obtain a corresponding buff that heals you and allies around you periodically, as well as improves Melee and Sword damage. At the same time, you and your teammates may power up Banner of War by performing any Final Blows, increasing the duration and frequency of healing.

You are already familiar with the other aspect of this Strand Titan PvE Build: Into the Fray. When destroying Tangle, you and your nearby allies will receive Woven Mail. But the aspect’s capability doesn’t end there. As long as you have this buff, your Melee regeneration is increased by 400%!

And, of course, there’s Wormgod Caress, which received a buff in Season 23 and immediately became the go-to for all Titans. It works very simply: for each Melee Final Blow, you increase your Melee damage (up to 275%) and Weapon damage (up to 35%). This Exotic will be the ideal choice because you’ll often be destroying in close combat.

In terms of guns for this Destiny 2 Strand Titan build, shotguns with One-Two Punch are best. They will increase Melee damage, in combination with Tractor Cannon, which makes the enemy take 30% more damage. However, if you want more fun, you can take Monte Carlo, especially if you have made the Catalyst.

Strand Titan PvP Build

Strand Titan PvP Build

The PvP loadout won’t differ much from the first one on the list in terms of Exotic, Aspects, and Fragments, as all of this is also perfect for Crucible. You’ll still immobilize enemies and quickly deal with them while they can do nothing to you. However, there are a couple of changes here. Threadlings perform well against Guardians, especially when using Thread of Evolution, so the corresponding Grenade will definitely come in handy. Yes, this loadout may seem dull and slow, but it is the best PvP Build for Strand Titan you can make right now.

Artifact Recommendation for Strand Titan

With the Season of Defiance, Bungie introduced many QoL changes in Destiny 2. One of them is an upgraded Artifact that immediately gives your character a permanent buff. And next up, we’ll recommend the Strand Titans best perks for Season of the Wish.

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Second Column

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Fifth Column

Final Words

And that concludes our recommendation for the best Strand build for Titans. Pretty sad, but we promise to return to this topic with PvP articles. In the meantime, you can check out our other articles about Titans, like Solar or Arc builds. We’re sure you’ll be able to find something there to suit your play style. And if you are interested in getting the exotics mentioned in the builds, you can ask for help from our professionals with Destiny 2 Services. There we can easily acquire your desired item to help you get rid of the monotonous farming and still be able to have the best Strand Titan loadouts.

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