Every Best Solar Hunter Build in Season 23 for PvE and PvP

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Upgrade your Guardian like never before with the best Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build in Season of the Wish!

Hunter Solar Subclass Builds

Key Takeaways:

  • The first build makes you unstoppable in any PvE content with high DPS and powerful abilities
  • The second Solar Hunter build is perfect for neutral play to just have and experiment with builds
  • The best Solar Hunter PvP build is a must-have to dominate other players on the battlefield with Weighted Throwing Knife

Many Destiny 2 veterans know how powerful Solar subclasses are in this game, especially Hunters. Their ability to spread fiery blades and shoot from a one-shot golden gun is far from their only advantage. With the release of Solar 3.0, this subclass has a lot of interesting traits and builds.

Today, we’ll talk about how to make the best Solar Hunter builds because every aspect, fragment, mod, and ability completely changes the way you approach gameplay. The right loadout can make you unstoppable in PvE and assist you through end-game content without any difficulty by making infinite dodge energy or high solar damage for you. Without further ado, let’s begin!

First Destiny 2 Best Solar Hunter Build: Celestial Nighthawk Build

Best Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build

Hunters have a variety of builds designed for dealing high damage output. Arc has Star-Eater Scales, and Void has Orpheus Rig, but they are no match for this High DPS Solar Hunter build, which will dominate end-game PvE with Celestial Nighthawk.

In Season 23, Gunslinger received buffs for many different Exotics, including Celestial Nighthawk. This helmet modifies your Golden Gun to fire only a single shot, dealing a colossal amount of damage. If you manage to take down someone with this shot, you’ll get back a whole 33% of your Super Energy! A nice bonus is the passive regeneration of your Golden Gun from Precision Final Blows by using both your weapons and knives. So, generally, Celestial Nighthawk becomes the Destiny 2 best Exotic Armor for Solar Hunter.

Aspects you should use include On Your Mark, which increases Reload Speed and Handling after Precision Final Blows or Class Ability Activation, and Knock ’em Down. The latter aspect allows you to refund Knives from Charged Melee Final Blows while Radiant is active. Ember of Torches is a perfect match for it, as you’ll receive Radiant for Charged Melee Hits. Don’t forget that Empyrean will extend the duration of all your Solar Buffs (including Restoration from Healing Grenade) if you do Solar Final Blows!

Since our Solar Hunter build for dungeons and raids is focused on dealing high DPS, maximizing the damage you deal even further is necessary. In this case, you should equip the best mods for Solar Hunter, like Weapon Surges, to increase the damage of guns of a specific element while you have Armor Charges. Also, we’ll be getting them through Siphon and Heavy Handed mods, generating Orbs of Power from Weapon and Melee Final Blows.

In short, this loadout is ideal for those who need the best solo PvE Solar Hunter build for Season 23.

Second Best Solar Hunter Build for PvE: Shards of Ghalanor Build

Best Solar Hunter PvE Build

While capable of dealing decent DPS, the second Build is more designed for neutral play, and it is a perfect example of Solar Hunter build for beginners. Of course, this refers to Shards of Ghalanor, which also received buffs in the Season of the Wish.

Your main task in this PvE Solar Hunter build is to use Knife Trick and Blade Barrage as often as possible, as Shards of Ghalanor are directly related to these Abilities. Throwing Knife Final Blows will give 2.5-5% Super Energy, while Blade Barrage Takedowns and Hits refund up to 50% Super Energy. The Knock’ Em Down Aspect is perfect for this Exotic, as it not only allows for perpetual use of Knife Trick but also improves Blade Barrage, giving it additional projectiles.

Fragments almost entirely replicate the first Build. However, a substitution was made. Instead of Ember of Solace, Beams fragment is better to equip because of Target Acquisition for Solar Super projectiles improvement. Changes also affected mods, as this time, it’s essential to have three copies of Heavy Handed. This will allow you to constantly generate Orbs of Power from your Melee without having any cooldown, thus significantly faster replenishing your Super.

Best Solar Hunter Build for PvP: Athrys’s Embrace Build

Best Solar Hunter PvP Build

Weighted Throwing Knife already seems quite unfair to use in PvP, as it could fairly easily one-shot any Guardian with a hit to the Crit. With this Destiny 2 Solar Hunter PvP build, this Powered Melee will become even more robust, thus annoying your opponents even more.

Athrys’s Embrace gives Weighted Throwing Knife a second bounce with improved tracking, as well as the ability to buff it. By quickly landing three precision hits, you can activate the Strengthened Throwing Knife Buff, causing your Melee to gain increased ability damage, allowing you to one-shot any Guardian, even with a body hit. A nice bonus is that activating this effect also grants you +50 Strength.

Moving on to other Abilities and Stats in this Solar Hunter build for Trials of Osiris, because they’ll be quite different from PvE loadouts. First, you need to get 100 Mobility, as this will reduce the dodge cooldown. Use strafe or triple jump for your vertical ability, as they are the most convenient.

You’ll use Melee ability quite a lot, so the entire Solar Hunter Build in Season of the Wish will be constructed around this ability. Let’s begin with aspects and fragments, although you won’t see any remarkable differences from PvE Hunter loadouts here. Knock’ Em Down is needed here to return Melee Energy after Knife Final Blows and to have enhanced Super. On Your Mark is not useless this time, as getting a bonus to Handling and Reload Speed for precision kill or activating Class Ability in PvP is extremely useful. Although there are five slots for fragments, only three of them are worth your attention:

Do not forget about the mods, as they play an essential role in our top Solar Hunter build. We won’t discuss how to improve your solar weapon or other guns, so let’s move on to more exciting modifications:

These simple and practical modifications can assist you in achieving success while being Guardian-friendly. 

Solar Hunter Artifact Mods Recommendation

The recent launch of Season of the Wish has brought about a number of changes, including some updates to the Artifact mods. Thankfully, Stasis, Strand, and Solar subclasses are the only ones being focused on this season. For this reason, your best Solar Hunter build in Season 23 for PvE and PvP will be with cool additional perks to make your gameplay loop better and maximize Season of the Wish buffs. It’s possible that the situation may change in the upcoming episode, but we’ll have to wait and see!

First Column 

Second Column

Third Column

Fourth Column

Fifth Column

Best Artifact Perks Solar Hunter

Final Words

Congratulations! You’ve read our Destiny 2 Solar Hunter Build Guide to the end. Now you’re ready to blast into the endgame PvE or PvP to blow any opponent in your path! Believe us, with their help, you have a much better chance of success than without them. We recommend experimenting with everything we suggested in this article, and maybe you will be able to create even cooler Solar Hunter builds for Nightfalls or other activities!

We really hope you enjoyed this article and tell your friends about it to help them get more mighty in the game. And if you decide to experiment with other loadouts, then we have already prepared guides for Void, Strand, Stasis, and Arc Hunter builds. WowVendor is also helping newbies with Destiny 2 Services so their characters can take on The Witness’ forces on any difficulty. This way, you can get the Solar 3.0 Hunter builds in a matter of days!

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