Best Arc 3.0 PVP Builds

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Welcome, young Guardians! Some of you could have asked one important question: “Are there any good builds in Destiny 2 PvP with the updated Arc 3.0 subclass?” And the answer will not surprise you – of course, there are! With new abilities and exotics, many options have opened up for Crucible and Gambit fans, and in this article, we will talk about which build will be most helpful to you on the battlefield.

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By the way, we want to mention that we have an article on the same topic on PvE builds, so we recommend that you read it too. There we talk about even more exciting combinations that will appeal to any player who loves to destroy everything in his path, and even end-game content.

So, it’s time for us to find out the best Arc 3.0 PvP builds in Destiny 2. Let us get right into it!

Hunter’s Builds

Destiny 2 Hunter Builds in PvP with Arc are less impressive than their PvE variations. Fortunately, they are also interesting and, as in the case of other classes, mostly tied to the subclass’s abilities. It all depends on how you like to experiment with stats and your approach to weapons. In Hunter’s case, this Arc Build is more about your speed and health regeneration. It may not be as good as other subclasses’ builds, but we recommend trying it in PvP battles due to its versatility.

Wormhusk Crown Build

And for our Crucible build, we used one of the most popular Exotic armor for Hunter, the Wormhusk Crown. For those who don’t know anything about this helmet, when you dodge, you regenerate health. Yes, everything is so simple, but the essence of our Arc Hunter build for PvP is more in Fragments and Aspects than in Exotic itself.

Let’s start their analysis with Lethal Current. After dodging, your next melee attack has increased lunge range, jolts the target, and creates a damaging aftershock. This will make it much easier for you to duel at very close range. And in order for your Melee to be even more helpful, we will use Tempest Strike. While sliding, instead of Combination Blow, you will have an enhanced attack that deals more damage and works at a longer distance. Fragments like Spark of Shock and Magnitude will make our grenades more lethal, while Focus and Recharge will allow you to regenerate your abilities faster.

Of all the builds featured in this article, this one is the most accessible and versatile, as it doesn’t force you to change your play style. You can take this build and equip any Sniper Rifle or Shotgun you want. For example, you can take the well-known Beloved or Wastelander M5. Since exotic is not the most important thing in this build, you can use whatever you like best or suits your personal play style. Best Hunter Arc 3.0 PvP builds are not in abundance right now, so write down the most important things from this build for yourself and let us move on to the next class.

Warlock’s Builds

As with Hunter, this class with Arc 3.0 in PvP doesn’t have many builds at the time of writing. Now we’ve compiled one of these builds that will make your enemies run away from you since you can almost one-shot your premises with the help of a new aspect in this subclass. Electrical abilities are still excellent in PvP, and with your super, you can still easily destroy enemies in the arena. But thanks to this new aspect, the next Arc Warlock build in PvP will almost completely replace your Super or vice versa; it will perfectly complement it.

Lightning Surge Build

Meet Lightning Surge, which will allow you to destroy a bunch of enemies in one use. The essence of this aspect is that when you slide, you can activate charged melee ability to blink forward and call down lighting strikes that jolt your targets. Sounds very simple and useful? It is, but the bottom line is that anyone who gets in your way will take 50% damage and carry you a little forward (like Hunter’s dodge) to finish your victim. So now Warlocks can finally push back Hunters and Titans with their one-shot moves. One of those Destiny 2 Warlock builds in PvP, which really surprises us with its coolness.

For other abilities, we recommend taking melee Ball Lightning to hit enemies a little bit faster. Stormtrance still outperforms Chaos Reach as you constantly expose yourself to enemies by staying open in the arena. As for weapons, the Dead Messenger grenade launcher or any shotgun is perfect with the Lightning Surge, as this is how you can get one-shot kills. Shoot and immediately activate the aspect.

We recommend taking Karnstein Armlets as an exotic because melee kills restore your health. Every time you use Lightning Surge, you can kill enemies in melee and automatically replenish your health, saving you from any problematic situation. If you’re interested in playing with your stats and moving towards regen, Eye of the Another World can be an excellent choice for this build, as it improves regeneration and tags enemies simultaneously. No matter which exotic you choose, it will be one of the best Warlock Arc 3.0 PvP builds anyway.

Titan’s Builds

Here we are. The last class that has always been on the radar in Crucible due to its deadly Melee ability is Titan. Although Arc Titans have received a few PvP nerfs, they still perform well in Lightfall. This class is now more suitable for fighting players in Crucible or Gambit than PvE content. With the release of Arc 3.0, Bungie decided to make this class even more substantial by adding a Thunderclap that can One-shot Guardians! Here are two excellent Destiny 2 Titan builds for PvP right now.

An Insurmountable Skullfort Build

With the release of Arc 3.0, the choice of Exotic for this build was not as difficult as you could think. As soon as we saw the topic of the article and the class, the choice fell right away on An Insurmountable Skullfort. His perk is very simple – Arc melee kills grant health and melee energy. Given the power of the Thunderclap, in theory, this combo should just annihilate your enemies, and so it turned out. Thruster, however, can very often help you escape difficult situations or shorten the path to the nearest enemy. This build doesn’t even need any special mods, so you can always use Radiant Light to boost your Strength by 20.

Since our entire gameplay will be related to the melee ability, we will use an aspect such as Knockout. Critically wounding a target increases your melee range and damage for a short time, and also defeating targets with melee attacks starts health regeneration and makes you amplified. Given the perk of our exotic, we will be able to heal ourselves after almost every close kill. That’s why this Arc Titan build in PvP is very good!

Touch of Thunder will only improve our Grenades, so if you don’t use them often, take Juggernaut. You gain a frontal shield that blocks incoming damage after sprinting for a short time. This does not play a special role, and it all depends on your taste.

Dunemarches Build

You might have already guessed that this is also a melee build, where the exotic Dunemarches play a crucial role. Its unique perk is Linear Actuators, which make you sprint faster and chain melee damage. Basically, you will be able to face groups of opponents and get free kills alone using Knockout and Shoulder Charge. You turn into a real Flash that runs around the map and kills everything in its path. After these words, you can already say that this is one of the Best Titan Arc 3.0 PvP builds in the game, but that’s not all.

We also recommend Towering Barricade for this build as it is still good and does a great job defending against enemies if it’s a point capture mode, for example. By using a build when exiting from the barricade, you can instantly kill the enemy, and he won’t even be able to do anything to you. And to be honest with you all, that could be the best Destiny 2 Arc 3.0 build for PvP.

And that’s a wrap-up for today’s guide. We hope these builds will be helpful to you in PvP, and if you need help with builds in PvE, we have already released a separate article where we talk in detail about all the best builds. All of the above builds are great for each class in one way or another, but feel free to come up with your own using our ideas and suggestions. Otherwise, we recommend checking out our Destiny 2 services section if you’re interested in getting the exotics from this article and not wasting time farming them.

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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