Bungie Secretly Made All Destiny 2 Lightfall Seasons Free

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All Destiny 2 Lightfall Seasons Free to Play until June!

Destiny 2 Lightfall Seasons free

Yesterday, Bungie made an incredibly wonderful announcement for many Destiny 2 fans. Throughout the month, all players have access to three D2 expansions, which can be thoroughly explored during this time. However, Bungie did not mention one very important detail that could bring many players back to Destiny 2.

Some users noticed that content from previous seasons became available to play for free, and one of the first to report this was a Twitter user aeiou. Despite the PSN blog writing about it, Bungie did not immediately give access to Seasons.

Some players mentioned in the comments section of the post that the Lightffall seasons are also available to them for free right now. To confirm this, we checked a personal account that has not purchased any seasons, and we can confirm this information as well.

Apparently, you can actively play all the seasonal content for a month, including dungeons, exotic missions, story missions, and more. Afterwards, you will likely need to purchase the Lightfall DLC to have access to the dungeons. In the meantime, we recommend you farm daily Red Border Seasonal weapons while you have access to the seasons and before Bungie removes this content to the Destiny Content Vault. Also, if you played during these seasons without premium pass, you can collect previous Season Pass rewards!

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This author is lieing.says:

I am sorry, but no, DUNGEANS ARE NOT FREE.

You STILL require either the annual editions of WQ or lightfall to access the dungeans beyond dungean keys (Annual editions!).