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Buying this service will get you the ever-prestegious Gladiator title. You will receive the Gladiator: Dragonflight Season 2.
In order to get you this title and achievement a professional PvP player will play and win a lot of rated PvP activities. Reaching high rating and winning at least 50 3v3 Arena fights at Elite rank.

• Standard: 8 weeks
• Express: 6 weeks

• “Gladiator” title
Winding Slitherdrake Gladiator’s Drakewatcher Manuscript
• PvP currencies
• 2400 PvP rating guaranteed
• Elite PvP transmogrification set for your class
Obsidian Gladiator’s Tabard and Shadow Flame visual weapon enchant

• Account-sharing
• PvP ilvl 437 full gear (available as an additional option)


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There are truly very few things in Dragonflight that look better and earn you as much respect as a full kit of seasonal elite gear and an epic drake mount that you get as rewards for hitting the Gladiator title. And all that, with a whole bunch of other goodies, can be yours in just a couple of clicks with a Dragonflight Gladiator boost from WowVendor!

No matter if you are a dedicated PvPer struggling to push past those 50 wins, or an aspiring Arena-goer still fighting somewhere in the Rival echelons — here at WowVendor, we can help you secure your Gladiator title and claim all the rewards that come with it, fast and easily. 

If hitting Glad this season is what you aim for, then you’ve come to the right place! Don’t hesitate to look through our best rank-up offer and buy Gladiator title deals to become the real menace of the Arena!

Climbing the Ranking Ladder in Dragonflight Arena

PvP is a very sophisticated discipline, especially in games like Warcraft. Those who play competitively and set their sights on higher ranks must be extremely committed to the mode to achieve solid results. For hardcore Arena players, it becomes akin to science or professional sport. Digging into class specifics and coming up with effective strategies, counters, and builds is only a small part of what you have to do if you want to succeed in WoWs Ranked PvP. Spending time playing Arena rounds is also a must: practicing and analyzing your every match regardless of the outcome will give you some useful insight and help you improve a lot.

While skill and knowledge matter a lot, gear is also vital when it comes to achieving high ratings. With poor equipment, you just wont survive in high-level PvP even if you know all classes and winning tactics by heart. All that combined makes ranking up incredibly tough, not to mention time-consuming. The horrendous amounts of time it takes to reach the top are sometimes measured by months of unbearable grind. 

But what if youre not ready to spend months training and farming gear for the Arena? What if you dont have time to dedicate to the mode and just want to get those exclusive rewards? Is there a way to skip the grind and avoid frustration?

Yes, there is! 

A WoW Glad boost from WowVendor is your ultimate shortcut for reaching the Gladiator Title and becoming the true conqueror of the game’s Arena. Securing those 50 wins at the Elite rank will be a piece of cake with our pros by your side. If you’re still struggling to find teammates, need to get gear to push up to higher ranks, or simply want to claim the Glad title as fast as possible, why not try our R1 Gladiator boost? You can get it right here on this page and hire a professional PvP player to let them take your character to heights youve never even dreamed of! With WowVendor, you can make it to the Top 0.1% of Arena players in US region and maintain a remarkable win rate with no effort at all, even if you’re undergeared or just getting started at the bottom of the ranking ladder.

Explore Our WoW Gladiator Boost Services And Options

We have a wide array of services tailored specifically for Arena players, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a fresh PvPer looking to make your way up the ranks. From rating boosts to coaching sessions, you’re free to choose whatever service you see fit for your in-game goals.

Here on this page, you can find a Gladiator Arena boost with multiple extra options to customize your experience. Let’s have a look at what we have to offer:

  • The Gladiator title, Crimson Gladiators Drake mount, Drakewatcher Manuscript, and a whole load of PvP currency for you to spend in any way you like. One of our best experts will play your character and secure tons of wins in Rated matches to earn the Glad title for you. 
  • Express completion. Normally, our Gladiator rank boost is delivered in under 8 weeks, but you’re free to speed up the process and get your title in only 6 weeks. It’s a tad more than a month, which is an almost-record time for such a massive service to be completed. Express Delivery is available at a small extra fee and can be added to your order by ticking the box on the corresponding option in the boost menu here on the page. 
  • High-tier PvP gear. The game demands you have the best equipment available to compete in WoW PvP at a high level. That’s why your character has to be properly geared for us to start a WoW Gladiator boost. If you’re still under ilvl 411, there’s nothing to worry about. We can provide quick and affordable gearing services, meaning our pros will collect a full ilvl 411 Honor gear set to give your character an upper hand on the Arena.
  • Live stream. Watch our pro destroy opponents and claim victories in real time! An additional streaming option will allow you to keep tabs on your character’s progress and maybe even learn a few tricks while following our booster on the Arena.

Please note that we currently do not provide any selfplayed Gladiator carry services. The Gladiator Title can be obtained only via account-sharing.

Choose WowVendor to End Season 1 With The Highest Title

WowVendor has been successfully delivering boosts and carries to WoW players for more than eight years already. All of our services are safe, quick, and affordable, performed without using cheats, bots, or macros of any kind. Our pro players are seasoned Rank One gladiators and esports champs with years of PvP experience. They know everything about the game and are willing to do their best to ensure your top Arena performance.

When getting your Glad title with WowVendor, you don’t have to worry about not being able to play while getting boosted. You’re free to schedule your boosting sessions the way you like, and our pro will work only when it’s convenient for you.

Even though our Gladiator Title boost comes with a slew of options that cover pretty much everything you might need, it can be customized to an even greater extent if you want. To request a custom service, just click the ”Service Request” button at the top-left near the WowVendor logo. With that or any other question, you can also reach out to our Customer Support team by clicking on the chat icon. They’ll be more than happy to help you out or set up a custom service to make your boosting experience truly unique.

Just imagine: no more tiresome PvP sessions and months-long grind marathons to endure! With WowVendor, you can enjoy the parts of the game you love, while our pros will take care of your Arena performance to ensure the highest rank. Does that sound like something you’d like to try? Then feel free to buy WoW Gladiator title boost services right here and treat yourself to one of the most prestigious titles in the entire game!

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