Mythic +11 Boost, Weekly Chest run (Selfplayed)

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Buying this service you will get Mythic +11 run to boost your “M+ weekly best” record in the Great Vault Chest. The run is customizable in terms of timer and specificity of dungeon options.

Completing one mythic+ dungeon every reset is one of the most important weekly activities you should do, simply because the rewards are worth the effort. By completing a mythic +11 dungeon even without beating the timer will guarantee you a piece of high ilvl equipment and a higher difficulty mythic+ key to use in the following reset.


Random Dungeon: Random Dungeon Express: Specific Dungeon: Specific Dungeon Express:
24-48 Hours 1-24 hours 3-5 Days 1-3 Days

• Chance to get 0-2 pieces of ilvl 418 gear
A piece of ilvl 431 gear guaranteed in the Great Vault
• New Flightstones currency used for upgrading gear in DF Season 2
• Chance at looting Wyrm’s Shadowflame Crest

• Level 70 character

• Loot can now be traded only within 4 hours of obtaining it. This includes time spent offline. This is a new in-game limitation

Here’s what waits inside:


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    Select preferred options and place an order. Don't hesitate to chat with our sales & service agents to discuss your order details beforehand. You can also ask for a custom order tailored to your personal needs.

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    Join our discord server or choose any other convenient messenger to confirm your order details and preferences. Then we can assign the best booster to fit your schedule, goals, and any other requirements.

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    Your carry will be started at the appointed time. For the selfplayed boosts, it's up to you to take part in the activity or to stay AFK and chill. For the piloted boosts, you can always ask for a stream to keep an eye on the process.

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    You will get a notification after your order is finished. Now you may check your order and confirm that the service is fully completed. If anything goes sideways, our service team will help you at any step of the process, 24/7.

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    This is the best part — you can finally enjoy your brand new rewards, top rating or shiny loot! And don't forget to rate us on TrustPilot so we can further improve our services.


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You can request a full refund before the start of your carry. You can also get a partial refund, depending on the current boosting progress

If we experience any issues completing your order, you can get a compensation in WowVendor store credit, game time, or bonus boosts

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In World of Warcraft, many activities have reset time and are repeatable. There are certain restrictions related to how often you can do something or obtain corresponding rewards. Even with the mentioned time restrictions, those activities can become quite boring. We offer you to buy a Mythic +16 run off this page to make it less exhausting. You won’t be forced to spend time on the same things over and over again all by yourself.

M+ runs contribute to the contents of the weekly chest called the Great Vault. It provides some items depending on your in-game performance this week. It’s affected by your Keystone runs. The higher level Mythic instance you’ve completed this week, the better rewards will await you in the Vault. Let’s overview some of the advantages of M+ weekly runs to see why you would want to buy a Mythic 16 boost.


Why would you want to run instances weekly in the first place? The main reason is the chest that can be opened once every 7 days. The rewards found there scale with your performance during each separate week.

If the highest Keystone you’ve cleared this week is +2, you’ll get an item of ilvl 382 in the Vault. Meanwhile, +16 Keystone dungeon will secure a piece of ilvl 415 gear to the chest. If you don’t do high-level dungeon runs often, the cheap Mythic 16 boost we offer might considerably improve the average quality of items in your Vault.


There are currently 3 main activities that contribute to the chest. They include defeating bosses in raids, clearing out M+ dungeons, and earning Honor in Rated PvP. Many players might find M+ runs the easiest way to upgrade the Vault. Not everyone in WoW engages in PvP, and raids have some nuances.

Raid parties are usually harder to find since they need more preparations and more people. M+ groups are easier to form as they only need 5 players. But WowVendor’s services make it even simpler — our boosters will be your party members for your Mythic +16 dungeons boost in Dragonflight.

The chest rewards for raiding imply defeating a certain number of bosses. Many raid groups clear the instances from scratch. It may be challenging to find a party that aims to defeat the exact number of bosses you need. If you choose to join a full-raid party and leave once you’ve reached your goal, this may cause trouble for your teammates. They’ll have to delay their run and look for a new player to take your place.

As for M+, you only have to finish one instance to add a reward to your Vault. It’s fairly easy to accomplish. And you can do it even faster if you order our Mythic Plus 16 boosting services in Dragonflight.


Pieces of equipment awaiting you in the Vault are random, but you can add some options. If you’ve completed a single M+ dungeon, the chest will offer you one item. If you’ve completed 4 instances, you’ll be allowed to pick 1 of 2 items. And you can choose from 3 items if you’ve cleared 8 or more M+ instances this week.

This may not bother you if your character doesn’t have many good items on them. One fast +16 Key run will give you a high-quality piece of gear that will likely be of use to you. But if you already have some decent equipment and need to fill particular slots, doing more runs weekly can significantly help. Say you need just gloves: you’ll have more chances to get them from the Vault if you have more options to choose from.

The choices of chest rewards also depend on the highest Keystones you’ve cleared this week. Suppose you’ve bought an M+ 16 boost and completed 3 other Mythic dungeons on your own with +6 Keystones activated. The Great Vault will offer you 2 items to choose from. But the first one will be better than the other because the second option depends on the fourth-highest Keystone cleared out this week.

If you want your weekly chest to offer equal rewards for choosing, you should clear M+ dungeons with equal Keystones. Completing 8 instances with +16 Keys activated will bring 3 different items of the same ilvl to your Vault. You won’t have to choose between a higher-level item and the one you need more. If you’ve already used our Mythic +16 dungeon boost but want to add some choices to the weekly chest, we’ll be happy to help you again.

What if you’ve done everything to get a nice item from the Vault, but all the choices do not suit you? If the Vault isn’t offering you a single reward you can pick, there’s a solution. You can reject all the items and take several Aspects’ Tokens of Merit instead.

The amount you can gain scales based on the number of objectives you’ve completed this week. If the weekly chest’s rewards do not meet your expectations after a Mythic +16 Key boost, you may accept those Tokens and exchange them for some valuables like Primal Chaos.


A high-level item is not the only thing you can get after completing a +16 dungeon carry. Here’s the list of some additional rewards:

  • An extra item. Though we aim to boost your Mythic record for the Great Vault, do not forget about the end-of-run chest. You’ll have a chance to get a piece of ilvl 398 equipment per each run. That’s included in the Mythic +16 service which you can order off this page.
  • Valor points. You may use these to upgrade the gear obtained from M+ instances. The amount gained is fixed and equals 135 Valor points for every cleared dungeon.
  • A new Keystone. This extra reward can be found in the weekly chest if you’ve completed a M+ dungeon this week. You can use it later to run through a high-level dungeon once more and boost your next-week chest. In case you’ll need some assistance clearing out the corresponding instance, you can always buy a WoW Mythic Key boost here.
  • Achievements. If you haven’t previously completed the dungeon chosen for this run on the Mythic difficulty, you’ll get a corresponding achievement. If you’ve never been to this dungeon before, you’ll also get Normal and Heroic completion achievements.
  • Extra loot and other things. WowVendor’s boosters only seek to help you reach your goals and have no claims for anything you get during the process. Whatever items and resources you gather in the instance are yours to keep.

Mind that both in-timer and no-timer options are available for this particular WoW M16 boost. The Great Vault’s rewards do not change based on whether you’ve cleared a dungeon in time or not. They only depend on the number of M+ instances you’ve completed and their Keystone levels. If you still need to beat the timer for some purposes, choose the corresponding option when customizing your order.


Our team consists of WoW players just like you, which is why we feel our customers and know their needs and wishes. See for yourself who’s going to take care of your WoW Mythic 16 boost here:

  • Dedicated community. We love World of Warcraft as much as you do. We want its players to have fun in the game and avoid engaging in some time-consuming or annoying activities. If there’s something you don’t want to do by yourself — we are always ready to give you a hand.
  • Professional boosters. Players in WowVendor have huge experience in every area of World of Warcraft, including M+. They know all bosses’ weaknesses and the best tactics for clearing out monsters efficiently. You may rest assured that your WoW Mythic 16 carry will be fast and smooth.
  • 24/7 support team. People from our support group are available whenever you need them. They are always happy to help you with anything, whether you need details on a particular service or just have a couple of questions to be answered. Do not hesitate to contact them if you have some doubts related to your order.

That’s everything we wanted to tell you about our Mythic +16 boosting services. Do not forget to choose your US server before adding an order to the cart. We wish you the best of luck gearing up your characters. And if you ever need any help with that, WowVendor is here to provide it.

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