Fated Castle Nathria Normal Boost (Selfplayed)

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By buying this service you will get the Fated version of Castle Nathria raid completed in normal difficulty.

Fated Raids is the new system introduced to WoW with Shadowlands season 4 to revive and make old raids relevant yet again. The Fated Raids feature stronger enemies and bosses under affect of new affixes, but in return offer higher quality loot – both weapons and armor.

Completing all three Fated Raids of the expansion will award you with the Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement and Jigglesworth Sr. – slime cat mount, that will only be obtainable during Season 4 of Shadowlands.
You can get 3 in 1 package for achievement and mount by clicking this link.

• Fated Raids are on a constant rotation, where only one is available at any given week
• Standard Runs will be completed within the week of Nathria's availability. Advanced & Premium runs may take 2 resets.

• Standard PL: 9 or 10 bosses; no loot traders, x0-2 items looted on average
• Advanced PL: 10/10 bosses; x3 loot traders, at least x5 items in different slots guaranteed
• Premium PL: 10/10 bosses; x5 loot traders, at least x7 items in different slots guaranteed

Fate of Nathria achievement
• Chance to get ilvl 278-285 loot via personal loot
• x1 out x3 ilvl 278-285 items of your choosing in the Great Vault
• Progress towards Fates of the Shadowlands Raids achievement
• Castle Nathria-specific achievements

Terms of Use:
• Standard PL loot system does not provide any loot traders
• BoE loot is untradeable between servers. This is a game-mechanic limitation
• US Servers: In case of buying 10/10 bosses options Sire Denathrius fight will be completed separately, at a different time. Loot received after defeating him will not be traded.


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