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Do you remember how it first felt when you got your feet wet on World of Warcraft to the extent your Pentium 4 could process? Think of sleepless nights farming Thorium Ore and endless quests trying to level up your pala. Yeah, this is what we all fell in love with from the very beginning – before The Burning Crusade era. And now you can get lost in those experiences once again, albeit in a more enjoyable way. While Blizzard rolls out good old Vanilla gaming, WowVendor is up for WoW Classic boost services to make sure you’ll get the most out of it.

Even though the Vanilla gameplay caused nothing but breathless excitement 15 years ago, it may be somewhat tedious for today’s players. In the days of yore, quests were pretty chaotic while gaining character experience and getting around the world took a far greater deal of time. Here’s the good news, though – you can now buy a WoW Classic boost at WowVendor and let us take the hassle out of that.

If you’re dead set on exploring World of Warcraft in its infancy, but you’re reluctant to grind your way up on your own, we’ve got your back. Choose what WoW Vanilla carry works for you from the available options and relish the moments of thrilling playing. Leave all the stuff that you’d like to avoid to us!

How does WoW Classic boosting work at WowVendor?

It is our top priority to make the whole process fast, safe & easy for you. That is why you only need to:

  • Choose a WoW Classic boosting service. Are you dreaming of getting some extremely rare mount? Or do you have difficulties defeating that fire-breathing Onyxia dragon? Just select the service, and we’ll simplify your gaming. The range of services is really wide: from rep, mount farming and PVP to Molten Core and dungeon boosting.
  • Play yourself or share your account. To avoid missing out on any adventure, tick self-play when ordering the service and join our boosters along the way. Alternatively, you can pick account-sharing and sit back while we’ll take care of everything.
  • Clarify the details and get started. After selecting the sought-after WoW Classic carry service and playing option, you’ll be referred to one of the WowVendor managers. Once the ins and outs of your boosting are discussed via Discord, Skype or Facebook chat, we’ll embark on whatever journey awaits.

Make good use of WoW Classic power leveling to play to the max

Despite the addicting nostalgic gameplay, World of Warcraft Classic can seem drawn-out, tedious, and cumbersome to the modern player. Restarting the classic servers, Blizzard did not bother to add to the code all those dozens of small quality of life improvements that make modern WoW Shadowlands much more comfortable for the player, such as:

  • Quest and resource tracking;
  • Points of interest on mini-map;
  • The much higher number of flight points;
  • Ability to use hunter’s weapons up close;
  • Achievements, etc.

All in all, the thrill and drive of the classic gameplay is back, and many experienced players are creating classic characters to revisit the familiar regions such as Duskwood, raids like Hogger, runs like the road between Stormwind and Darnassus, or PvP to their hearts’ content. Nevertheless, the best parts are locked behind the level wall, and you still need to raise your character to level 60 to experience the WoW Classic at its utmost. Thus, many turn to WoW Classic power leveling services.

We must note that it would take you 168 hours of playing at the minimum to get from level 1 to 60 even with a detailed leveling guide, or, on average, 32 days of 5-6 hour grinding daily – questing, raiding, and running dungeons time and time and time again. Sounds boring? Well, have no fear – WoWVendor is here!

Our WoW Classic services include dedicated powerleveling carries that can get your char to level 60 in 21 or even 14 days, depending on your budget. Contact us today and start your journey to a full range of classic gameplay in the shortest possible time with our cheap WoW Classic boost packages.

The proposition consists of three main categories:

Revel in truly professional World of Warcraft Vanilla boosts

If there’s a way to make your Vanilla character upgraded from head to toe without paying sky-high prices, it is one that WowVendor offers you. With over 500 experienced time-tested boosters at your disposal and more than 225,000 successful carries under our belt, we can help you experience the classic version of the game the way you’ve always wanted.

Be sure to buy WoW Vanilla services at WowVendor and find out what’s so magical about playing Classic. Get ahold of us to have your questions answered if you have any!

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