Best Hunter Void build for Destiny 2 Lightfall

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Love playing Hunter? Especially the Void subclass? Then you definitely need an ultimate build to take your gameplay to another level. With the arrival of Lightfall, you could make several sets of weapons and easily switch between them with a single click. We have put together three best Destiny 2 Void Hunter builds you can use in PvP and PvE. Take a seat because we’re flying out to smash the combatants in our system!

Gyrfalcon Build

The first build can safely be considered the most exciting Hunter Void 3.0 build, although not very effective in Endgame. All of its strength lies in the combination of Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk and Stylish Executioner Aspect. The Exotic’s key mechanic is simple: you get Volatile Rounds for 10 seconds after emerging from being invisible. It also synergizes nicely with the Stylish Executioner, which gives Invisibility and Truesight when a volatile target is eliminated.

Since this build does not need Grenade and Melee, you can use mods to increase the damage of Void Weapons, as well as improve your stats. Try Void Siphon to generate Orbs of Power, as the whole build revolves around them. You must receive Armor Charge for Void Weapon Surge and Font mods (of your choice).

This build’s gameplay consists of an eternal cycle of switching between being invisible or having access to Volatile Rounds. The best weapons are Void SMGs (Funnelweb or Unforgiven) or Void Trace Rifles (Hollow Denial or Wavesplitter) due to their high rate of fire. So, if you’re looking for a Void Hunter build for Destiny 2 Lightfall, give Gyrfalcon a try. However, for Endgame activities, check out the ones below.

Omnioculus Build

Although the next best Void Hunter subclass build may seem boring, it can benefit you in Grandmasters or Master Raids. We are talking about Omnioculus, with the help of which your entire Fireteam can stay invisible forever.

This Exotic grants an extra Smoke Bomb, and you get 50% Melee Energy back for each ally you make invisible. To fulfill this condition, you will need Trapper’s Ambush. The aspect’s essence is that your Smoke Bombs make nearby allies invisible.

Many may wonder why we recommend you to have 100 Discipline, as this Void Hunter PvE build entirely dependent on Melee’s Ability. It’s all about Dodge and Fragment that will replenish Smoke Bomb energy. Echo of Provision will give you Melee energy for damaging your Grenade, and Gambler’s Dodge will fully restore it when rolling near enemies.

The gameplay here is pretty simple: make yourself and your Fireteam invisible when necessary, like resurrecting someone or picking up ammo. Feel free to use Smoke Bomb again. You will get it back for two invisible allies.

Crucible Build

After numerous nerfs to Void Exotics and the invisible mechanic in Crucible, it’s hard to find a fascinating and robust Void Hunter PvP build. But even in such a situation, Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk can still be relevant, and with new fragments even stronger than their pre-rework versions.

As we’ve noted earlier, this Chest gives you Volatile Rounds after leaving invisibility. With the release of Lightfall, Bungie added a new fragment called Echo of Cessation. It allows you to create Void Breach when you defeat volatile targets. That’s where Echo of Starvation comes into play, giving you Devour when you pick up Void Breach. This buff allows you to restore health and fully get Grenade Energy after Final Blows.

Artifact Recommendation for Void Hunter

Now it’s time to select perks for your Artifact. If you are only going to play on Void, then the following recommendations are essential to your Void Hunter builds in Destiny 2.

First Column

Second Column

Third Column

Fourth Column

Fifth Column

Source: Bungie

Thus, you have reached the end of our Void Hunter build guide. Now you are completely ready to conquer any content on your Hunter. Void is not ideal for this class, but your survivability will be great with these loadouts. Want to know what builds Warlocks or Titans have? Then you are in luck because we have also covered these questions!

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Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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