Every Best Destiny 2 Solar Titan Build in Season of the Wish

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It’s time to learn best Destiny 2 Solar Titan Build in Season of the Wish that you should in PvE and PvP.

Titan Solar Subclass Builds

Key Takeaways:

  • The first Titan Solar build is about throwing hammers and brutal melee combat
  • The second one is made for Endgame content to make you powerful with high-damage and HP regen
  • The third build is for PvP, in which your Solar Titan utilizes SMGs with Peacekeepers

The Titans are the complete incarnation of sun and proud lions unafraid to charge into battle with their big hammers. Sunbreaker is one of the strongest subclasses in the game because you become an unstoppable machine that doesn’t even need a gun. But it will be possible only with the right and thoughtful build. 

Today, we will show you every best Solar Titan Build in Destiny 2. One of which makes your Melees or Grens become unlimited. Welcome to our guide, and let’s get those foes down.

First Solar Titan PvE Build: Synthoceps Build

Best Solar Titan PvE Build

The first best Solar Titan build in Season of the Wish will center around Throwing Hammers, which are incredibly powerful even after the nerf. The Solar Melee ability is very convenient because you have the opportunity to return the hammer just by picking it up and, at the same time, get 60 HP to heal when it hits a combatant. Throw a hammer at the Red Bar Foe, defeat them, and grab the hammer to annihilate them further. Moreover, the named ability is practical even against powerful opponents!

To make your Melee more lethal, we recommend taking one of the best Solar Titan Exotics: Synthoceps, which boosts Melee damage to 200% when three or more enemies are near you. With their assistance, you’ll be an absolute monster running after your victim and smashing them to death.

And although at first glance, it may not seem like an effective Destiny 2 Titan Solar 3.0 build due to its direct approach to combat, remember that we are taking powerful Aspects and Fragments that are effective in Melee and Range combat. This means that using Solar Melee creates many objects that heal, replenish abilities and assist you in continuing the fight. Trust us, “Throwing Hammer” will become your best Solar Titan ability!

The new Ember of Solace and Empyrean fragments increase and extend the Restoration and Radiant timer (heals you and buffs the guns) through Solar Final Blows. Of course, do not forget about mods in this best Solar Titan build 2024, such as Hands-On (Super energy from enemies defeated by Melee), Heavy Handed (create Orbs of Power from Melee) and Melee Damage Resistance (receive less harm in Melee), as well as Bomber to get the more effect from grenades.

Second Solar Titan PvE Build: Pyrogale Gauntlets Build

Best Solar Titan Build Destiny 2

With this build, you’ll be able to overcome Endgame activities much more easily due to the constant Radiant buff (constant damage increase effect) and easy Solar takedowns from your abilities, as well as having a Super that deals incredibly high damage.

Let’s start by analyzing the Exotics themselves, as it’s thanks to them that the D2 Solar Titan build is so effective. Pyrogale Gauntlets turn your Super into a one-time but very effective attack, which can be helpful during the DPS phase (Boss Damage). Besides dealing massive damage, you leave behind three fire tornados that damage anyone who enters them. This Exotic also has an additional feature related to the Consecration aspect, thanks to which you can create a tornado upon the second activation of the aspect, which will be explained in more detail later.

Regarding the aspects, you’ll benefit from Consecration and Sol Invictus in Raids and Dungeons Solar Titan build. The first is responsible for quickly clearing enemies, using your powered melee ability to create a strong fire wave. You can activate it after sliding to scorch and damage opponents, but you can also use it in the air to slam to the ground and create another wave, igniting all scorched opponents. The second aspect plays a supportive role, creating Sunspots through Solar ability final blows, Hammer of Sol impacts, and destroying scorched targets. Sunspots provide the player with Restoration (constant healing effect) and faster ability to recharge, as well as deal damage to enemies and additionally apply Scorch to them.

So, why such a focus on Scorch in this Solar Titan Endgame build? It’s all about our fragments, namely Ember of Searing. With its help, you get melee energy and Firesprites from defeated Scorch targets. Thanks to this, your Powered Melee will almost always be ready. The other three fragments support you by extending Solar buffs and applying more Scorch.

Don’t forget to check the current Artifact and take perks from there to make the Solar Titan build for Master Raids in Destiny 2 even more powerful.

Solar Titan PvP Build: Peacekeepers Build

Best Solar Titan PvP Build

Although Solar is considered the weakest Subclass for PvP on Titan, it doesn’t stop it from destroying Guardians with the right Solar Titan PvP Build. Since Submachine Guns have long been established in the meta, why not use Peacekeepers as an Exotic leg armor? It improves Airborne Effectiveness and Handling for all SMGs and also enhances your Movement when playing with them. If you want to learn about the best representatives of this weapon type, check out the best SMGs in Destiny 2 article that will help you find the most suitable Solar Titan Weapons, like the Tarrabah Solar weapon.

The most fun part of Destiny 2 Solar Titan PvP Build definitely lies in the Aspects. Consecration allows you to use an alternative Powered Melee Attacks in a slide, which can easily instantly destroy a crowd of Guardians. You must install the essential mods, such as Melee Kickstart (grants a little bit of Melee energy after using it) and Outreach (gives Melee Energy after using Class Ability), for more frequent use. Don’t forget to equip other armor mods for your favorite or Solar Weapons to make them more useful in PvP and win any battles with this top Solar Titan PvP build in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Solar Titan Build Artifact Recommendations

The Artifact in Season of the Wish introduced a lot of cool Solar Titan Mods that players can use in their advantage. You can even make your weapon damage better with these perks and guns like Polaris Lance are able to show new colors! So, let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your Solar Titan build in Destiny 2!

First Column 

Second Column

Third Column

Fourth Column

Fifth Column

Titan Artifact Solar Build

Final Words

Thus, we’ve completed our Destiny 2 Solar Titan Build Guide, which will make your character an unstoppable nightmare both PvE and PvP with its Solar abilities!

We hope your dream comes true, and now you have the opportunity to go through any activity in the game, yawning lazily, while Guardians in Crucible will start to run away only by seeing you. If you want to experience this dream on other subclasses with a massive damage, extra protection, and new aspects, then you’re in luck because your Titan can become even more vital on Strand, Void, Stasis, and Arc builds!

Alas, sometimes you don’t have the necessary Exotic in your collection. No problem! With Destiny 2 Services from the professionals at WowVendor, you’ll have your desired Gear in a matter of hours and get the best Solar Titan class setup!

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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