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Trials of Osiris is high-level PvP content: an endgame Crucible event available from Friday to the weekly reset on Tuesday. 7-0, or Flawless is extremely hard, yet it’s the ultimate goal of the Trials runs as it grants you the most valuable rewards. Flawless run with a passage ticket grants your Guardian access to the Lighthouse chest, where you’ll find your rewards.

Efficient and effective teamwork, powerful and reliable weapons, decent armor stats and skilled fireteam members are necessary to defeat your opponents. And after your first win, the road to conquer Trials is just starting! Most generous rewards will await after your 7th consecutive win, and by going flawless, you’ll be rewarded with Adept Trials of Osiris weapon.


  • Standard: 1-4 days
  • Express: 1-36 hours

Options available:
There are 2 types of the boost offered: Recovery or Sherpa
• In case of Recovery, we’ll play on your account for you
• Choose Sherpa instead, if you’d like to join our pro-teams to carry you through the activity

We also give you the choice of completing the activity with a specific ticket:
Flawless 7-0 (Mercy Passage) is a great option to get your weekly Adept weapon and access to The Lighthouse
Flawless 7-0 (Confidence Passage) is a perfect option if you’d like to get a bonus reward from the Flawless chest
Persistence Passage is a must-have option to get Trials of Osiris Adept weapon as fast as possible, but without Flawless

Additional options:
Guardian of the Lighthouse is a Triumph, part of the Seal Flawless, that requires additional wins on a ticket after reaching 7 wins, and this option is the perfect way to get it done fast and hassle free
• If your Character’s Power Level doesn’t meeting the requirements, we still have options for you, choose an additional option: My Power Level Lower than 1810 without Artifact
• Pick a “Live Stream” option, if you’d like to get the stream for the whole boost
• Get even more rewards with “10 Trials Engrams” option. You can use these engrams to get random items or focus weapons and armor from Trials of Osiris to get the desired roll or stats!
3, 5, or 7 wins after Flawless: once players have gone flawless in a given week, they have a chance of earning Adept Weapon drops on any Trials Ticket that has earned 7 or more wins while the Flawless Pool is active, regardless of loss counts. Use this options to boost your chances of a good Adept roll.

• Check Trials of Osiris Reward this week in our Reward Tracker
• For 7 wins without Flawless – weekly pinnacle reward
Confidence Passage (Flawless run after Flawless): you will get the Confidence is High triumph. You will also get an extra 1x Powerful piece of loot
Guardian of the Lighthouse: grants the Guardian of the Lighthouse Triumph, consist of 15 extra wins and available after previously acquired Flawless
• 2x Trials of Osiris Emblems: Hardened By Trial and Flawless Empyrean
• Chance to get unique Lantern Shell, In Memoriam Trials, Hero’s Wake and Horus Shell Exotic Ghosts
• Chance to get unique Winds of Change, Valiant Memory and Hushed Syrinx Trials Exotic Ship
• Chance to get unique Resurrection’s Guide, Paradigm Shift, Survivor’s Journey and Falcon’s Chase Trials Exotic Sparrows
• All extra rewards received during the boost (depends on your luck) will be yours

• Destiny 2 Lightfall
• 25000 Glimmer to buy any Trials ticket
• 1810+ Power level without Artifact (if lower, add the relevant option)
• For Confidence Passage and Guardian of the Lighthouse previously completed Flawless required (add Mercy Passage Option, if needed)

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