WoW The War Within: Changes to the Great Vault

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WoW The War Within: Changes to the Great Vault

Changes are coming to the Great Vault in WoW: The War Within. We have included all the most important highlights just for you in this article.

Among the notable adjustments made to the Great Vault is the removal of the PvP row. In the upcoming 10th expansion of WoW, it will be replaced by the World row. Unlocking items in this category will be closely tied to players’ progress in Delves and world activities. Currently, gamers are required to complete 1/4/9 Delves or world activities to earn their loot accordingly.

WoW The War Within: Changes to the Great Vault
(Source: Blizzard)

For avid raiders, the Great Vault presents a new challenge. Players are tasked with conquering 3/5/7 bosses from the Nerub’ar Palace. The eight-boss instance is the first raid of the upcoming expansion. Situated in Azkahet, it marks the climax of the storyline involving the Nerubian Empire, their Queen, and Xal’atath. 

The Dungeons row remains largely unchanged. The requirements for Heroic, Mythic, and Timewalking Dungeons stay the same. To get the items, players still need to complete 1/4/8 of these dungeons. 

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