WoW Player Shocked Community: 40,000 Hours of Touchpad Gaming

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WoW Player Shocked Community: 40,000 Hours of Touchpad Gaming

As the title states, a dedicated WoW player has taken the whole community by storm. He revealed that he had spent more than 40,000 hours in the game using a touchpad instead of enjoying the convenience of a mouse.

World of Warcraft is undoubtedly one of the most popular MMORPGs of our time. With limitless possibilities for players to display their talents, the community has never ceased to amaze its fellow gamers with astonishing accomplishments. From reaching the max level by unconventional means to creating voice-overs for old quests, gamers have found endless ways to showcase their skills and dedication within the virtual world.

Most recently, a player who goes by the name of Touchpadwarrior has shared his jaw-dropping journey on Tiktok. He revealed that he had spent an astounding 40,368 hours in WoW, all achieved by using only a touchpad. He has conquered Mythic+ dungeons and raids. And as if it’s not enough, he also engages in PvP battles. Not only that, but he also collects countless achievements, pets, and mounts, all while utilizing his trusty touchpad.


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Saying that viewers were baffled by his dedication to playing without a mouse is an understatement. The sheer amount of effort he has put in cannot be overstated. It has earned him much respect, even if it’s incomprehensible. The topic has sparked a buzz on social media, with many discussing his incredible achievement. While some have speculated that Touchpadwarrior will regret all his hours once he starts using a mouse, he seems content with his current gaming setup. 

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