WoW orchestral concert: All expansions, all soundtracks

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To celebrate 20 years of World of Warcraft music, a WoW orchestral concert is about to take place in Switzerland.

WoW orchestral concert: All expansions, all soundtracks

In September 2024, World of Warcraft fans will have a unique opportunity to relive their favorite in-game memories through a series of spectacular concerts in Lausanne, Switzerland. Held by Helvepic in collaboration with the 21st Century Orchestra and Tale of Fantasy, this event promises to be a grand celebration of two decades of WoW’s epic music. It’s a special opportunity to soak up these enchanting soundtracks and see the magic come to life.

WoW orchestral concert in Switzerland: Event details

WoW orchestral concert in Switzerland will take place at the Théâtre de Beaulieu on September 27 and 28. The concert series will feature three performances:

Tickets are available now for purchase here:

WoW orchestral concert in Switzerland: performers and music

WoW orchestral concert: All expansions, all soundtracks

The event boasts an impressive lineup of 190 performers. Among them is the renowned 21st Century Orchestra under the direction of Ludwig Wicki. Joining them are the Tale of Fantasy Chorus, led by Alexandre Pican, the Ardito Choir from Lausanne, and the Madrijazz Gospel Choir.

Together, they will breathe life into the beloved MMORPG’s music, spanning from the original World of Warcraft to the latest expansion, Dragonflight. This includes iconic soundtracks from:

WoW orchestral concert in Switzerland doesn’t feature MoP music


The site has been updated to feature the MoP logo as well. So fans of this gem can look forward to its majestic music at the WoW orchestral concert in Switzerland this September:

WoW orchestral concert: All expansions, all soundtracks

However, for some reason, Mists of Pandaria is nowhere to be seen on the concert’s official site. Could this be a developer oversight in the site’s construction, or was it intentional? If it’s deliberate, then this is quite a strange decision to exclude MoP’s music. After all, said expansion houses some of the finest World of Warcraft soundtracks to date.

WoW orchestral concert: All expansions, all soundtracks

Nevertheless, it remains an exhilarating event worth attending if the opportunity arises!

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But there’s a Mists of Pandaria logo on the event website! Where did you get this information?


Hi Azeroth 😊 The information here comes from World of Warcraft: 20 Years of Music’s official site. You can find the link to it in the article. When this article was initially written, the MoP logo was not featured on the site. It seems they noticed this and have since added it. It’s fantastic to know that MoP music will be included, as its soundtracks are my personal favorite.

Thank you for reading our blog and informing us about MoP’s logo appearance on the site. I’ve updated this article to avoid any confusion. Looking forward to seeing you again on our blog! 🎮