WoW Most Fun Class for 10.2: From Best to Worst

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Even though choosing a class to play often boils down to performance and balance standing, it’s all ultimately about having fun. And that means a widely enjoyable process with great spells, high damage numbers, and satisfying outcomes. It’s not always about carrying the team; sometimes, it’s about leaning back and relax.

“What is the current composition of classes in World of Warcraft fun-wise?” and “What’s the most fun class right now?” may be the questions that are circling in your mind. So, here’s a tier list of classes arranged from the most fun to play (S) to the least fun to spend time with (C). The criteria are subjective, judging specs by how simple, relaxing, and satisfying they are to play. 

It’s important to note, however, fun isn’t really something you can measure. What brings joy varies for each individual, and the upcoming list represents just one of many opinions. That being said, let’s explore some of the classes that could potentially provide you with the most enjoyment in WoW.

Most Fun Classes (S)

WoW Most Fun Class for 10.2: From Best to Worst


Playing as an Evoker is highly enjoyable these days, and Blizzard plan to make the experience even better. They might very well be the most fun class WoW has to offer at the moment.

What could be more exhilarating than blasting off your enemies without breaking a sweat? What could surpass the thrill of rushing adrenaline as you soar to the top of the damage charts? Nothing. The feeling is unparalleled. And the two DPS specs Augmentation and Devastation deliver precisely that experience. 

Unfortunately, the former has become excessively dominant lately, prompting the developers to nerf it. On the other hand, the latter has been improved as Blizzard decided to decrease the unreliable damage from Dragonrage and increase other sources of DPS. And so, its damage output numbers have become even higher.

Preservation, too, offers a delightful experience. Its healing efficiency is notably enhanced, but it depends on how you apply your abilities. The spec provides a significant surge of dopamine for those who relish in the gratification of rescuing their comrades from the brink of demise in battles. 

While there may be more optimal healer specs, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to compete for the top spot all the time. Preservation Evoker introduces a revitalizing approach to healing in WoW that you definitely want to explore. 

Evokers require some investment and understanding of the game, but the amount of destruction or saving they can do fully compensates for it. Additionally, you can expect a lot of exciting changes to this class as Blizzard is still figuring out what to do with it. In short, Evoker is solidifying its place as one of  WoW’s most fun classes in 2023.


Besides Evoker, Rogue is also among the most fun classes in World of Warcraft currently. It can be hard to play as a Rogue at times, but it is incredibly fun if you can pull it off as the payoff is huge. The damage you inflict is some of the highest in the game. What’s more exhilarating is that you can do all that completely unpunished. Nothing gives you as much adrenaline and satisfaction in this game as stealthing your way behind the enemy and crippling them with a well-aimed attack, especially in PvP scenarios. 

Picture this: you’re in a neutral zone. You spot a player engrossed in whatever they are doing. You, a Rogue, invisible and ready to strike. You creep towards them, yet, they are oblivious of your presence. With just a couple of precise hits, they fall without comprehending what hit them. Some Rogues take it a step further, lingering at the victim’s remains, ready to torment them again upon resurrection. While it’s distressing for the targeted player, and we don’t really encourage this camping behavior, it undeniably provides entertainment for those inclined toward this evil playstyle. So, if finding joy in others’ distress aligns with your preferences, feel free to try your hands on being a Rogue. 

Playing as an elusive master of the battlefield can give you an immense sense of control you’ve never known in any game. Not to mention, in Patch 10.2, all three Rogue specs will undergo reworks and buffs, enhancing efficiency and gameplay, empowering you to select your preferred playstyle. Notably, Blizzard has addressed the prior button bloat issue, removing a barrier that deterred players from exploring this class.

Moderately Fun Classes (A)

WoW Most Fun Class for 10.2: From Best to Worst

Death Knight

Death Knight is a surprisingly fun class. Unholy DKs, in particular, are known for the incredibly powerful spells they cast every few minutes, in addition to more frequent but still devastating abilities. The spec requires patience from its players to wait for its cooldowns. However, once the abilities are ready, it’s early Christmas. They can melt the enemies and bring absolute joy to their caster.

It’s close to being the most fun class in WoW Dragonflight now. The other specs are slightly less enjoyable, but they can still be a thrill. What’s more, they are being improved in the next patch. Soon, Unholy Death Knights will be able to deal more reliable damage with rotational spells. It doesn’t have the same jolt of dopamine to it, but it’s still nice.


Paladins have been receiving a lot of love lately, and it’s absolutely great. And this patch is expected to improve them even more. Retribution, in particular, is a simple and durable spec, which allows you to have plenty of fun no matter the amount of hours you’ve sunk into World of Warcraft. If you’re itching for some relaxed, uncomplicated playstyle, Paladin is your perfect choice for this update.

Of course, there are better classes to play if you want to maximize your power. However, it’s not what this article is about. Even then, though, Retri Paladin is far from being the worst damage dealer.


WoW Most Fun Class for 10.2: From Best to Worst

Survival Hunter and Marksmanship Hunter are pretty good, but it’s the Beast Mastery Hunter that packs the most fun under its belt.

It’s a simple and versatile experience. You can do much with this spec, and it’s made even less of an effort because your pets do a lot of heavy lifting. Other than that, the mobility of this spec is exceptional, allowing you to maintain your full rotation even while on the move—a distinctive ability exclusive to Beast Mastery Hunters.

You’ll still have to press buttons and make decisions, but you can absolutely relax while playing a Beast Mastery Hunter. Just make sure to manage your pet and watch them fight for you. An activity that’s adored by BM Hunters is the process of searching and taming rare beasts to expand their pet collection. It’s like a mini-game that you can enjoy when you want to take a break from the gravity of saving the world from imminent threats.

It’s not among the Dragonflight most fun classes, but it’s improved a lot.


Recently, there has been a surge of interest among players to try out this class. It’s all due to the anticipation of the upcoming Patch 10.2. Unofficially labeled the “Druid Patch” by the player community, it offers an extensive array of customization options for the Druid’s appearances.

Other than that, each of its specs brings a unique blend of enjoyment to the player. For Feral Druid and Restoration Druid, much of it comes from the insane DPS potential paired with healing abilities. Balance Druids, for their part, can wreak even more havoc on the battlefield through their summoned beasts.

In the current meta, you can do basically anything you want on the battlefield as a Druid. It doesn’t just mean extreme flexibility, which this class is known for. You can often do anything you want in the fight and get away unscathed. Druids can solve practically any problem. And you don’t need to know the first thing about WoW to play it well. Just go with the flow, you’ll be fine.


Shaman isn’t really the most fun class in WoW, but it’s still pretty good. If you love yourself a trigger-happy character that flings low-cooldown spells left and right, Elemental Shaman is your go-to. You can just spam spells in the fight, and you’ll probably end up one of the highest sources of damage in the end. It’s hilarious how relatively simple and effective a Shaman can be.

On another note, the Enhancement Shaman will deal 500% more damage with Primordial Wave in the new patch to make sure you’re never low on dopamine for long. Whether you enjoy healing your comrades or be a maniac on the battlefield, Shaman can offer all sorts of happy memories

Somewhat Enjoyable Classes (B)

WoW Most Fun Class for 10.2: From Best to Worst

Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter isn’t the best choice, right now, and that really brings down the mood. At the moment, you can do only one thing with it, dance around Essence Break and supplement it with Momentum or similar spells. It limits you to a single playstyle. At the time of writing, DH is rather hard to master. The gameplay is complicated, and the talent progression is pretty clumsy. 

In the end, Demon Hunters are very effective, but not fun. The good news is that it’s going to be improved soon. According to Blizzard, Havoc and Vengeance Demon Hunter are going to be improved soon. The developers might even make the learning curve less punishing, which is now the main problem with this class.


Warriors can be a handful. The main complaint is often the lack of flexibility, which limits these specs’ potential. To compensate, they are mobile and durable in defense. The DPS specs, in particular, have a fantastic damage output, even if the types of damage aren’t very versatile.

If anything, Execute is very satisfying to perform. This redeems Arms Warriors somewhat, but the experience as a whole is pretty tedious and busy. Note that you’ll probably need to manage a lot while playing. Leveling can also be tough.


Affliction has been a staple damage dealer for a while now. Other specs of this class aren’t that fulfilling, but they aren’t particularly bad, either.

All Warlock specs require a high degree of keyboard management and decision-making. But in exchange, you can watch your opponents slowly disintegrate under your spells or minions. While you still have to think while playing this class, you can often act as an observer of whatever chaos you’ve created. 


Priest is a hard class, but it’s oddly satisfying if you can fully master it. Its two healing specs Holy Priest and Discipline Priest are pretty effective, but not terribly fun. You’ll have to try to fully release their potential. It’s not a very comfortable learning curve, even if the payoff is good. Shadow Priest isn’t a terribly enjoyable spec to play as at the moment, and there is little chance that it will improve in the coming patches. 


Mistweaver and Brewmaster are pretty simple. They can be very effective on the battlefield, but there isn’t something in this gameplay that’ll make your hair stand. It’s a superb class, no doubt about that, just not too fun. And if thrill is what you want, Windwalker is something you need to avoid as it’s hard to master, and playing it is not rewarding enough. Right now, it’s pretty terrible. 

The other two specs could be in higher spots, but WW just drags the entire company down. Other than that, there isn’t something exceptionally dull about Monks. Hence it’s not further down. The lower tiers are reserved specifically for Mages.

Meh (C)

WoW Most Fun Class for 10.2: From Best to Worst


Mage is all over the place at the moment. While Arcane is pretty good, Fire Mage and Frost Mage specs lag far behind. They are dull and unfulfilling.

If you want to have some fun, try Arcane Mage. It’s one of the most devastating DPS specs in World of Warcraft, but it’s also terrifyingly complicated. It’s about min-maxing your damage output to mana spending, which seems like a chore. This class is pretty demanding, and the resulting mayhem doesn’t really compensate for it. Even more so considering that you need to work hard to achieve maximum damage.


WoW Most Fun Class for 10.2: From Best to Worst

Keep in mind that the list provided above represents just one perspective. Fun is subjective and varies for each individual based on their priorities, playstyle, and personal connection with a class.

Share your thoughts on which class you find the most enjoyable in Dragonflight in the comments below! We can’t wait to hear your opinions!

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