WoW Handy Macro for Warlock to Avoid Burning Off All Your HP

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WoW Handy Macro for Warlock to Avoid Burning Off All Your HP

Redditor Bastiproton has created a handy macro that will definitely save the Warlock fellows from scorching off all their HP with Burning Rush.

If you’re a Warlock, then you know the pain of lagging behind or having to rely on Demonic Gateway, Demonic Circle, and Burning Rush to keep up with all the flashy dashing moves of other classes. However, the Gateway’s cooldown doesn’t always work in your favor. While the Circle confines you to a fixed teleportation point. Thus, leaving Burning Rush as the most versatile choice when it comes to enhancing your mobility. 

Said ability increases your speed by 50% at the cost of your health. Thus, setting yourself on fire to run faster is not always a great thing to do. Especially if there is a cranky healer in your party who doesn’t want to waste their mana replenishing your health bar. Or you accidentally turn it on during a chaotic raid or high-level M+ dungeon. Or, you just prefer to play with graphics so low that the ability’s fire isn’t prominently shown on your screen. In any case, your health keeps depleting. And sometimes, you don’t even know the reason until all your HP is charred up.

To help you maximize the potential of this ability, Reddit user Bastiproton has devised a useful macro. It lets you immediately undo the Burning Rush effect with a single press. The game’s default setting doesn’t have a prominent sound cue to signify when you stop using it. So, they have also incorporated a distinctive sound to indicate when you’re going in or out of the ability.

If you’re interested, here’s the macro code

#showtooltip Burning Rush 
/cancelaura Burning Rush 
/cast Burning Rush 
/script PlaySound(13156)

This macro will display the tooltip for Burning Rush. When activated, it will cancel the aura and cast the ability again. The added sound effect will notify you when you enter or exit Burning Rush, making it easier to keep track of your health and avoid unnecessary risks. 

Burning Rush stands as a formidable asset for Warlocks. With the help of this simple macro, you can maximize its potential and avoid accidentally putting yourself and your party in danger. 

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