WoW Fight Club: Brawler’s Guild May Return in The War Within

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WoW developers are planning to revive the Brawler’s Guild in The War Within. 

WoW Fight Club: Brawler's Guild May Return in The War Within

In a recent interview with Windows Central, Blizzard’s Associate Director Maria Hamilton and Executive Producer Holly Longdale unveiled exciting plans for The War Within. Apart from shedding light on the origins of Delves and clarifying the unlikelihood of Archaeology making a return as a profession, Hamilton also expressed the developers’ desire to reintroduce the Brawler’s Guild:

“For Brawler’s Guild, this is something we do want to bring back in an evergreen format.”

Maria Hamilton

However, the Associate Director swiftly followed up with a clarification, stating that the Brawler’s Guild won’t be introduced immediately upon The War Within’s launch.

What Is WoW Brawler’s Guild?

(Source: Wowhead)

In short, Brawler’s Guild is WoW’s fight club, offering players a unique solo PvE experience. Participants engage in battles against a variety of bosses and creatures, facing increasingly challenging encounters akin to a gauntlet or arena-style challenge. Progression through the Brawler’s Guild ranks yields rewards, achievements, and coveted bragging rights. Renowned for its quirky and occasionally humorous encounters, the Brawler’s Guild offers a formidable skill test for solo players, making it a distinctive and engaging game aspect.

How to Join WoW Brawler’s Guild?

The Brawler’s Guild is not always available in WoW. However, typically, to gain entry to the Brawler’s Guild, players usually need to obtain the Blood-Soaked Invitation or a Brawler’s Pass. These invitations can be acquired through various means, such as:

Once players have obtained an invitation, they can head to the Brawler’s Guild location in their faction’s capital city. This is usually Stormwind for Alliance players or Orgrimmar for Horde players. As for the entrance to the Brawler’s Guild, players can easily identify it as it’s a grand ornate door that is pretty hard to miss.

There has yet to be a specific way to get an invitation to Brawler’s Guild in The War Within. After all, the feature has yet to even make it to the game. However, stay tuned to WowVendor’s News and Guides for the latest updates. We will inform you as soon as new developments become available. 

So, what do you think about the potential return of the Brawler’s Guild? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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