WoW Dragonflight: New Druid Transmog Is Not Usable

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WoW Dragonflight: New Druid Transmog Is Not Usable

WoW Dragonflight new transmog for the Druids has arrived at the Trading Post this October. It’s absolutely stunning. However, unfortunately, they won’t be able to use it. 

A diverse selection of thrilling transmogs and mounts has been unveiled for the Halloween season. Druids were particularly looking forward to the debut of Ashamane’s Blessings of Rebirth. Said transmog is inspired by the Druid’s deep-rooted connection to nature. However, there’s a downside to it. Despite the aesthetic allure, said class can’t actually utilize the dagger and the fist pieces. It’s all due to the requirement of dual-wielding, a feature unavailable to Feral and Guardian Druids in WoW.

The situation was first brought to light by content creator MissMarvel on Twitter. She cautioned fellow nature lovers against spending their hard-earned Trader Tenders on these specific items.

Players hope that a patch will address this issue, allowing Druids to embrace the new transmog fully. So, if these two pieces hold great appeal for you, you can still consider buying them before a slew of other items come in November. But keep in mind that the wait for Blizzard to address and rectify this problem, enabling you to equip them, may be a considerable one. 

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