WoW 8-Hour Maintenance: No Patch 10.2.6 in Sight

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Despite speculations swirling about the arrival of the Pirates during WoW 8-hour maintenance, there’s no Patch 10.2.6 in sight. And here’s why.

WoW 8-Hour Maintenance: No Patch 10.2.6 in Sight

Key Takeaways

  • WoW 8-hour maintenance period prompts speculation about Patch 10.2.6, but it’s focused on server upgrades rather than the patch rollout.
  • Blizzard cautions players about uncertain downtime duration. Players are reminded to remain flexible and prepared for potential extended downtime during maintenance.
  • The absence of Patch 10.2.6 continues community speculation on its release during maintenance.

The WoW community has been abuzz with anticipation following Blizzard’s announcement of an extended eight-hour maintenance period for WoW. Speculation was rife that the prolonged downtime was in preparation for implementing Patch 10.2.6 to Dragonflight. However, recent developments indicate otherwise. Blizzard has clarified the reason behind this week’s extended maintenance.

WoW 8-Hour Maintenance: No Patch 10.2.6 in Sight

Blizzard Speaks about WoW 8-Hour Maintenance

According to Blizzard, the eight-hour downtime is for “some critical server infrastructure improvements” to Blizzard’s Network File System (NFS). Blizzard also emphasized that the duration is only an estimate. They cannot definitively predict the timeframe in advance. Thus, players should brace themselves for potential downtime spanning less or more than the initially projected eight hours:

“In our Americas, EU, and Asia regions this week, we’ve planned for an estimated 8 hours of downtime to do some critical server infrastructure improvements to our Network File System (NFS).

At this time, the 8 hour window is just an estimate, and we can’t determine in advance how much time it’s going to take with much certainty. While we hope that NFS updates won’t take the full 8 hours, we have to allow for the scenario where the update processes take much longer than expected.

We’ll let you know during maintenance tomorrow if it looks like it’s going to go long.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

With no sign of Patch 10.2.6 on the horizon, speculation continues to swirl. Yet, could this extended maintenance merely serve as a diversion, setting the stage for a sudden and unexpected release of Patch 10.2.6? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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