WoW Dragonflight: Raszageth’s Humanoid Form

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WoW fans have taken to imagining and drawing the mortal form of Raszageth.

Yağız Kani

She’s the final boss in Dragonflight’s first raid, Vault of the Incarnates. Unlike her siblings, the dragon was never shown in mortal appearance. And as the events unfold, it’s unlikely that players will ever have the chance to see her in human guise. Thus, the champions of Azeroth are left to speculate and create their own versions.


A selection of these fan-created interpretations can be found in online forums dedicated to the game. From sleek and humanoid to dark and menacing, there is no limit to what talented gamers can come up with.

The developers may never officially reveal what the Storm-Eater would look like in humanoid guise. But these fan arts are definitely more than enough to satiate the community’s curiosity.

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