WoW Content Creator Tier List: Best Creators

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World of Warcraft fans make a lot of content devoted to the beloved game. The amounts of valuable and funny material are scattered throughout YouTube and Twitch. But the proper rankings of that material are almost impossible to find on the Web. This article aims to make the WoW content creator tier list for the 2023 year.

It’s worth noting that the tier list presented in this article reflects the personal opinion of the author, who has assessed content creators based on the efficacy of their World of Warcraft-related content in aiding others to improve their gameplay. Each and everyone on this list possesses a distinctive style and offers a wide range of unique and engaging content. They may be a C according to this particular criterion. But in other aspects, they are definitely an S and more. So, make sure to check them out! You will definitely fall in love with the charm of each creator.


What are the criteria for such a tier list? It could have been made in different ways. But judging by popularity is not the best option, especially when Warcraft is of secondary interest for some of the most popular bloggers. The amount of entertainment you can get from watching this or that influencer is hard to measure as it strongly depends on individual preferences.

Usefulness also depends on these factors, but it’s easier to speak about how helpful various types of content may be for certain groups of people. Comparison of WoW content creators in terms of overall benefit can also be more objective. If even the most popular blogger tends to shift from World of Warcraft to other games, he is likely less useful than others now. With that being said, let’s take a look at our tier list.


Section S contains WoW’s top highly specialized content creators. For instance, DarkMech perfectly covers the Tank theme. On his channel, you can find guides for the Tank specializations of all the classes. Besides, there are detailed common tanking recommendations on the Vault of the Incarnates bosses. Finally, Classic players won’t be able to pass by the videos like “How To Gear Death Knight Tank in WOTLK.”

YumyTV is a sort of DarkMech for Healers. There are many videos about Healing specializations of different classes in Dragonflight. Sometimes they are just the author’s impressions on spec, like How Does Preservation Evoker Feel in Dragonflight Dungeons”. But most important are his Mythic+ healing guidelines. By the way, M+ is another main focus of YumyTV. This topic is covered differently: from various dungeon guides for all specs to the Great Vault rewards analysis.

It’s hard to list the best WoW content creators focused only on one class or spec. They are often unpopular and too difficult to find. Besides, sometimes videos from non-specialized YouTubers are certainly not worse. But there are a few crucial exclusions.

Kalamazi has been doing videos about the Warlock class for a few years. He can speak about every new little patch note for many minutes and tries to make separate guides for every spec’s fight strategy with various bosses of the Vault of the Incarnates. Blogger Publik is even more highly-specialized, as his channel is devoted to Shadow Priest spec. Finally, Bajheera is worth mentioning, as he specializes in Arms and Fury Warrior. His main activity is PVP and particularly Arena, but PVE Warriors can also extract useful ideas from his materials.

Many top-rated WoW content creators stream Classic and make videos about their adventures in Vanilla. WillE is not so famous, but he underlines the details and facts no one else speaks about. He has accurate analytics on why the Wrath of the Lich King expansion is remembered so fondly. He beautifully covers the things every player who reaches level 80 must know based on his own mistakes. WillE tries to speak about every significant aspect of Classic that is either interesting itself or can serve as a guide for new players.


The heroes of section A have much broader in-game interests.

Many players love SignsOfKelani, Naguura, Hazelnuttygames, and Taliesin&Evitel content creators because of their WoW news and reviews on the game’s new features. There are conceptual differences between these channels. SignsOfKelani bites into every little nerf and change and strictly follows a sustained convenient pattern of presenting them. You can see it in the very style of his covers.

Hazelnuttygames and Naguura stick to the blogger and streamer format, explaining the guides on new features in a form close to live conversation. Taliesin & Evitel continue presenting the news as if they are a kind of TV channel. Besides, they don’t forget to speak about the relevant Dragonflight plot turns and come up with some theories on the expansion’s future lore.

One more eye-catching example is the channel of Nixxiom. He is the creator whose analysis of relevant WoW content also matters, whether it is Classic or Retail. But this is where entertainment takes over. To not get bored, the author holds funny and informative podcasts with WoWCrendor… while taking a dangerous Great Walk on foot through the Kalimdor continent. By the way, such walks seem to have inspired him playing WoW Geoguesser. Or maybe it was WoWCrendor, who really got hooked on this type of challenge with a timer.

Dalaran Gaming and Maximum are always ready to speak about everything connected with all the World of Warcraft classes and specs. The major difference is that Dalaran Gaming concentrates on PVP. Besides, most of his videos serve as gameplay illustrations for the discussed builds.

Maximum has a different style. He delivers feedback on the talent changes, the process of Rankings creation, and discussions of news in podcast form. The most beautiful side of such a format is that it opens up the possibility of taking curious interviews with other creators. By the way, game developers visit him too. Be sure to check this interview with Ion Hazzikosts. No surprise this Maximum’s content creator style brought him to the top in the ratings of WoW streamers.

Talking about interviews with developers, it’s hard to pass by Preach Gaming. On his channel, you can watch one more interview with Ion and recent discussion with John Hight and Holly Longdale. Besides, Preach Gaming usually comes up with news and analytics — sometimes, devoted to other MMOs too.


The proper WoW’s top content creators list must also highlight a few lore-centric authors. Despite the common “lore” interest, they have very different approaches to the material. They all could easily get in Tier S, but their specialization is less useful for players in terms of gameplay and game’s relevant news.

Bellular Warcraft alternates guides on relevant Dragonflight features with opinions and theories on the plot twists that will likely happen in the upcoming patches. For the last few months, hirumaredx does an extraordinary job trying to retell the book “Day of the Dragon” on the game’s engine. (His slightly older content is also worth checking: who doesn’t want to learn about the top 10 of the deadliest Elevators in World of Warcraft?) PlatinumWoW clings to the most hype or forgotten moments of Warcraft history and re-tells them using a game engine too.


The last section of the content creator rankings contains persons who come up with useful videos but don’t concentrate on WoW now. No one can deny Asmongold had effective guides in the recent past. Lots of good pieces of advice can be extracted from his current streams. But now his most popular genre is “reaction” on videos. What’s more, these videos are usually far from the World of Warcraft theme.

A similar problem occurs with the last content of Sodapoppin and TheLazyPeon. The first one plays Dead Space Remastered, Elden Ring, reacts to Hogwarts Legacy features and tests Among Us VR. The second tests and reviews the newest MMORPGs. A sort of exclusion is the legendary Swifty. Yes, he still manages to please fans with stable WoW streams and rare videos on YouTube. But even his streams are often devoted to outdoor life.

However, we can always thank these bloggers for providing us with more than enough content to take our minds off World of Warcraft. Sometimes it’s not less useful.

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