Voyaging Wilderling Model Has Been Updated

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In the recent hotfix, the Voyaging Wilderling model has been updated by Blizzard.

Players can obtain the Voyaging Wilderling mount as an Awakening the Dragonflight Raids achievement reward in Season 4. The old model unleashed a lot of controversy among players. It looked like an Ardenweald Wilderling mount recolor from Shadowlands, so players would like a better option for the Fated Raids rewards.

Here is what the new Voyaging Wilderling model looks like now. Blizzard have slightly changed its horns and saddle and injected some teal.

Voyaging Wilderling Model

The community is divided about Dragonflight’s final season mount’s makeover. While some enjoy its new appearance, others are disappointed with the new color scheme. The fact that its on-ground and in-the-air animations are the same only further diminishes its appeal as a sought-after addition to players’ mount collections.

They even said that a Duck mount would have been a better alternative. Most players are fond of an Aura pet, and it would be logical to add a mount in the Noblegarden thematic.

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