15 Cool Hunter Weapon Transmogs with Unique Special Effects

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There are plenty of attractive Hunter weapon transmog sets in the game if you want to transmogrify your current loadout. In particular, there’s a special category for them with unique attack animations, effects, and even arrow models. Such items are rare, and they can seriously contribute to your style.

That includes several bows, crossbows, and guns. There are more options than this guide suggests, of course. However, here you can find some of the most attractive WoW Hunter weapon transmog collections. In this case, the unique visual effects contribute a lot. Just make sure to wear matching gear

Bow transmog

Whispering Eldritch Bow

Whispering Eldritch Bow is one of three similar bows dropped in Ny’alotha. It’s actively covered in ancient stone, tentacles, and eyeballs. If you’re styling an insane Lovecraft-inspired Hunter, this bow might be a must-have. The arrows have a similar flesh-encrusted look with eyeballs near the heads.

Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow

Shattered Tortoiseshell Longbow is a stocky weapon with aquatic and mechanical elements. Each time you fire it, the bow releases a long streak of electricity, but the arrows are basic. It looks terrific, making it one of the prime Hunter bow transmog ideas. It’s sometimes dropped by Tortos.

Accursed Bow of the Elite

The Accursed Bow of the Elite is an old Naxxramas raid dropped by Instructor Razuvious. The design is pretty solid: a black longbow with a very jagged appearance and a big red-eyed skull in the center. When fired, the bow produces a brief fiery effect, much like the previous candidate.

Bow of Virulent Infection

Bow of Virulent Infection is a good choice if you’re going for some righteous style. It’s a massive plated bow with metallic elements of white, black, and gold. Its arrows are surrounded by a bright golden light, and there is also a small fire burning inside each of the arrowheads. It’s sometimes dropped by Vectis in the Uldir raid.

Pterroforming Longbow

This longbow seems made from dinosaur bone, and there is a large reptilian skull in the center. It has a very exotic, primal feel to it. It’s very fashionable and also shoots unique curved arrows. The bow has no special effects, but this Hunter weapon transmog combination is overall neat. You can get it from Pa’ku’s Aspect in the Battle of Dazar’alor.

Crossbow tansmogs

Mouth of the Fury

Mouth of the Fury is a good edgy choice that goes well with plenty of different sets. It’s a big menacing weapon with a purplish tint and a bright green flame in the middle. When it fires, it produces a green blaze, although the bolts aren’t any different. You can loot it from The Heart of the Mountain in the Blackrock Foundry.

Void-Warped Oshu’gun Crossbow

The Void-Warped Oshu’gun Crossbow is a neat crossbow transmog for Hunter in WoW, a black-and-red weapon with plenty of bulky, mechanical parts. The main attraction is the arrow design: a black projectile with a visibly forked, red tip. The crossbow is the reward for completing this quest.

Felcrystal Impaler

Now for a very edgy demonic option. It fires small crystals, which stick around a while after impact. It is a visibly infernal design, with giant horns in the front and a big old crystal in the middle. It actually has a special effect that seemingly pulls magic from the air. To get it, just defeat Soulbound Construct enough times. 

Death Lotus Crossbow

Death Lotus Crossbow is no longer obtainable, making it one of the very rare hunter weapon transmogs in WoW. Nonetheless, the design is a curious DMC-esque blend that makes it well worth looking for. It combines ornate, almost angelic elements with red smoke coming constantly from the front. The arrows also have this reddish-dark design about them.

Coilfang Needler

Coilfang Needler is a small, overwhelmingly red crossbow. The top is mostly red, the handle is red, and even the arrows have red edges around them. It’s good with other red pieces of gear, perfect for Horde patriots. The weapon is a common enough reward for beating Rokmar the Crackler.

Gun transmogs

p.a.c.i.f.i.s.t. mk7

P.A.C.I.F.I.S.T. Mk7 does look like a jumbled heap of parts put together with duct tape, but it has a certain charm. It resembles a flamethrower, notably because of the big torch at the front. When fired, the gun seemingly overheats and becomes red hot for a few moments. Rixxa Fluxflame drops it from time to time.

Crystal-Shot Long Rifle

It’s a cosmetic piece that can be purchased for a mere 1000 gold. It’s well worth it, considering that it’s a full-on laser rifle. It is essentially a crystal-powered emitter that uses blue rocks to produce rays of shining blue light. It also looks somewhat futuristic and not like the usual WoW gun.

Gar’an Brutal Spearlaucher

Gar’an’s Brutal Spearlauncher is a unique whaling gun obtainable from several Blackrock Foundry bosses. It shoots a full-on harpoon, which sticks around after contact with the target. It’s one of the more creative Hunter weapon transmog ideas. Moreover, the insides of this weapon glow a bright green. When fired, it also releases a burst of green flames.

Consortium Blaster

This armament positively looks like something from WH40K. It has three revolving barrels, a scary red-eyed face for a muzzle, and a giant scope at the top. What’s better, the barrels actively revolve and overheat after each shot. A puff of smoke also exits the gun with each burst. You can buy it for very little over at Nagrand, making it one of the best Hunter weapons for transmog.

Voice of the Quilen

This rifle seems carved from red stone, with aquatic and electric ornaments everywhere. The barrel is made from two constantly spinning cylinders, decorated with wild blue grooves. A blue sphere in the middle regularly emits electricity. The barrel produces much more of it when you autoshoot, or just glows blue with usual shots.


Not all of these items might be for you. The value of a transmog is determined by how well it matches your other gear. Moreover, this Hunter weapon transmog farming guide includes several hard-to-get armaments. If you need one for a complete look, it’s likely worth it. Otherwise, it’s not too important to have these.

Wearing a matching outfit is very important. If you want to know how to obtain Hunter transmogs in WoW that would fit these weapons, consider reading this list of attractive mail sets. It’s also fine, if you want to just have a unique weapon that spews smoke, fire, or electricity. They are pretty cool on their own.

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The Crystal-Shot Long Rifle isn’t just 1000 gold, you also needed to achieve gold time in Warlords of Draenor challenge mode dungeons.. meaning it has been unobtainable ever since Warlords ended.