7 Transmogrification Sets to Use on Your Mail Classes

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Transmogrification is a core WoW system that keeps players grinding legacy and current content non-stop in order to make their character look the best. Customly fit transmogs are great, but Blizzard’s art team poured a lot of work into full sets, making them look amazing in-universe when fully put together. Today we’re going to look at 7 full mail sets that you should consider using as a transmog on your Hunter, Shaman, or Evoker

All sets that make an appearance on the list can be fully assembled by all three classes, even when thematically they only fit one. Once again, this is a very subjective list, therefore you have all the right to agree or disagree with my picks! This list is also not grading the sets from worst to best (mostly), but instead we’re going to start with more subtle choices and make our way up to the epic badassary that you can expect from raid transmogrification sets.

That all being said, we can begin our list of 7 awesome mail transmogrification appearances.

7. Crystal-Leaf Armor

Draenei shaman in Crystal Leaf Armor

This armor set is farmable from Draenor dungeons and it presents itself as something that an adventurer of a new frontier might wear. It is very minimalistic, missing all the bells and whistles, and yet very suitable for a more humble player. If you don’t see your character as a Champion of the Light, Saviour of Azeroth, the One and Only Hero — then this armor might help you embrace the low-fantasy vibes.

6. Regalia of the Witch Doctor (heroic version)

Zandalari Troll in the Witch Doctor Attire

A skirtless version of Shaman’s Tier 15 armor. Based on the Zandalari that we met on the Isle of Thunder, and it fits the playable Zandalari Trolls very well. This armor has some hefty amount of visual effects, and one of the best looking 3D belt buckles, which were still new back in the MoP days.

5. Scourgestalker Battlegear

Human in the Scourgestalker Armor

Every hunter and their mother once donned the blue version of this amazing set back from the WotLK days, but not that many people know that there’s also a green version available to all mail classes. Does it make sense for your Shaman or Evoker to wear a gas mask? —No. Does it look cool, though? —Oh yeah, it surely does. Despite being quite old, this armor still looks very nice and edgy, and can be enjoyed by mail users all over the Azeroth!

4. The Eagletalon Battlegear (mythic version)

Nightborne Hunter in Eagletalon battlegear, looking like budget Sylvanas Windrunner

Commonly known as the Sylvanas armor, this set drops from Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare. It looks very elegant, even though it has quite the amount of custom 3D accessories throughout the whole thing. Like, just the gauntlets alone have more polygons than some of the full sets from WoW classic. My only gripe with this armor is that it could really use a pair of slimmer boots, but otherwise it is simply great.

3. Sanctum of Domination Mythic Mail Set

Human Hunter Donning the Sanctum of Domination Mail Armor Set

This transmogrification set is perfect, if you want to embrace the dark side of your mail-wearing character. The black and red color scheme is heavily tied with edgy characters, and with how aggressive this armor looks — you can become an edgelord yourself. This armor is also great for its details – the chest piece has a fur collar around the character’s neck, and pants feature a half skirt, making the full set look as if your character is wearing a coat, which is quite rare for WoW. 

2. Will of Maldraxxus Armor

Orc Huntress in Necrolord Covenant Campaign Armor

Covenant armors really pushed the standards of how a unique set should look. This one is no exception. Covenant sets are praised for the amount of custom detailing they have, and surely enough, Will of Maldraxxus armor does in fact feature custom chest armor, custom boots, custom belt, and custom gloves. Why choose Maldraxxus set instead of other Covenants? It’s simple, really. Maldraxxus has the aesthetic we’re quite familiar with — the classic scourge vibes are heavily visible with this armor, and that can easily take you back to WotLK or even Warcraft III times.

1. Darkshore Warfront Horde Mail (Elaborate)

Mag'har Orc Huntress in Darkshore Horde Mail armor

Now, when it comes to sets that changed the whole idea of what is possible to create in WoW this set truly shines in my eyes. Even before the Covenant armor this set threw all the custom parts we can possibly have – unique chest piece, gloves, belt, pants and boots – it was all there. As I said at the beginning, sets on this list are not graded, however, in my personal opinion this is the best mail set in the game. Yes, it is Horde only. Yes, it is very hard to get and requires you to grind weekly Warfront: Darkshore quest only to be given a single random piece a week, but in all honesty – it is worth it. If you enjoy the Forsaken theme, or gothic aesthetics — this set is a must-have.

Do you agree with my picks? Or do you have a better full mail set in mind that you like better? Feel free to share your thoughts in our new comment section down below!

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