Unique Hunter Pets to Tame in WoW

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World of Warcraft offers a variety of unique classes and specializations to choose from. They have different vibes and aesthetics, gameplay, and playstyle, so any player can find something they like. But one class stands out among the rest. These agile fighters can tame wildlife to help them in battle. We are talking about Hunters.

Today we at WowVendor introduce you to our top of the best hunter pets to tame in WoW. Of course, what is the best here purely depends on the matter of perspective. Some may value looks, others — beneficial gameplay abilities, etc. So when we did our research, we considered these two factors, as well as other stuff, like rarity, or unique features. Let us start with our top hunter pets in WoW.


source: Wowhead

We will start our listing with a beautiful astral cloud serpent, also known as Elegon. This gorgeous creature is truly breathtaking. It will be the reason for many to drop their jaw in awe and ask where you got it. Sad news for Marksmanship and Survival specializations — Elegon belongs to the Exotic group and can only be tamed by Beastmasters. But this celestial dragon is worth it — the Spirit Beast (Tenacity) category it belongs to is considered one of the best pets for a hunter. So your pet will have a stellar performance in all aspects.

To receive Elegon, you should visit Mogu’shan Vaults, located at Kun-Lai Summit (60.0; 40.0). Second to the last boss of this raid, the astral serpent can be easily tamed by any Beastmaster who reached the level cap. Various sources mention that it is necessary to learn how to tame cloud serpents. Others say there is no need for that. To learn the skill you need the account-wide bookHow to School your Serpent.

Iron Horde Clefthoof

Source: Petopia

Another Exotic contender on our list of best hunter pets to tame is this armored creature, also known as Faultline. The only unique appearance among the Clefthoofs family, which are considered the best pets for solo gaming. They can tank a lot of damage, as well as heal it back thanks to their Leech and passive, which upgrades their healing. An absolute menace on the battlefield, and Iron Horde Clefthoof has looks to match it.

To get one to appear in your collection, you should visit the Blackrock Foundry raid, located in Gorgrond (51.4; 28.7) of the Warlords of Draenor expansion. One of the early bosses there, Beastlord Darmac, as his HP goes down, summons various war beasts. Faultline is among them.


Source: Petopia

Although there is a great variety of pets for cat lovers, one type stands out among them the most. Pantharas have various multicolor forms, making them cool hunter pets. The trick is they require extra effort to tame, compared to the other kitties. To get such a wild cat, first, you need to farm some Fresh Talbuk Meat on Argus. After that, find a beast of the desired color and follow the next easy steps. 1) Use a Freeze Trap on the beast. 2) Use Feign Death to lose the aggro. 3)Throw the Talbuk Meat right on top of the animal. 4) Tame it while it is busy! Two variants can be tamed normally, like Naroura or Shadow Stalker. But the trick above is a must to tame all other colors (you can check them out here).

Fire Scorpion

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An example of a rare hunter pet from the scorpid family. They are useful in various types of content since they provide both benefits of Ferocity and rare Anti-Healing abilities. To get a unique Fire Scorpion, one must be patient. The creature lives at Magma Springs of Molten Front. It can spawn in any pool of lava as Lost Emberspit Scorpion. And waiting for this enemy to spawn can easily take hours.


Source: Warcraft Secrets

A challenge introduced in the Legion expansion. This legendary wolf from Vrykul myths awaits you at the Halls of Valor. To receive this pet, you need to defeat Fenryr in the aforementioned Halls of Valor on Mythic difficulty. Another part of the challenge is to do it solo, as a hunter. You must first defeat Hymdall, so you can proceed to your wolf, waiting for you at the Fields of the Eternal Hunt. After you get your triumph, a tamable version will appear in the cave where you fought the beast.

Fey Darter

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One of the best hunter pets introduced in Dragonflight is Fey Darters, also known as Fairy Dragons. Yes, we can finally tame these iconic and adorable creatures that were introduced to the WoW universe back in Warcraft III. Thanks to an option to tame Lesser Dragonkind, introduced in the new expansion, hunters can also tame Veilwings and Hornswogs. To do that, you need to earn renown level 23 with Valkdrakken Accord, while playing as Hunter — for this, you will get How to train a Dragonkin tome. Playing other classes will not give you a reward.

Purple Shadow Cobra

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Although all these dangerous noodles make cool pets for hunters, one of their kind is quite tricky to get. Yes, we are talking about Shadow of Dambala. To get one, you first need to be a part of the Night Fae covenant and receive the Cleansing the Forest quest at Renown 8. During the quest, you will have to fight Dambala. Wait for the enemy to summon clones, disengage, and use Feign Death, allowing you to easily tame the purple snake. In case you’ve already done the quest — do not worry! It is possible to fight Dambala again if you party sync with someone who is currently on that quest.

Gib the Banana-Hoarder

Source: Wowhead

Do you ever want to have an adorable monkey wearing a cute fez, just like Abu from Aladdin? Then say no more! Welcome Gib the Banana-Hoarder. This fancy rare fella waits for a new owner at Swamps of Sorrow (17.8; 48.0). A great addition to a pet collection for those who are tired of various bloodthirsty predators or other creatures. You have to be patient — Gib is kinda shy, and it takes some hours for him to spawn.

This is it for our top unique hunter pets. Obviously, these are not all of them, just a tiny fraction, but we tried to list those that can meet the taste of both new hunters and collectors alike. We hope this list can help you find a new companion for your WoW adventures. See you all searching and taming those rarest creatures of Azeroth, fellow hunters!

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