8 Beautiful Transmogrification Sets for Leather Classes

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Ever since its original release back in Cataclysm, the transmogrification system has been a major part of every WoW player’s journey. It allows you to change the appearance of your unmatching armor into something completely different — be it a raid set, PvP set, questing set, or whatever else you’d like. 

In this article we’re going to look at 8 amazing full leather sets that can be farmed by Rogues, Demon Hunters, Druids, and Monks.

Keep in mind that this list is very subjective — you have the full right to agree or disagree with my picks. I do not claim for these armor sets to be the absolutely best options for everyone, that’s just not how tastes work.

What is also important to note, is that this list does not grade the sets from worst to best. For the most part, at least. Instead we will be making our way from subtle and humble leather armors up to ultra epic raid-style appearances.

With all that out of the way, we can start counting down our list.

8. Assassination Armor

Pandaren in the Assassination armor

This armor was added back in TBC, and visually it resembles the general shape of Bonescythe armor — it has a facemask, and shoulder pads with daggers attached to them. However, this version is much more realistic in its looks. One could say that this is a low-fantasy version of the same attire. If you don’t like your armors shiny, full of visual effects and glowy bits — this might be a great option for you!

7. The Amani Garb

Pandaren Rogue in the Amani Garb stalking the jungle

Yet another TBC armor on the list. I always found myself being attracted to it. The theme of a primal assassin blending with the jungle always fascinated me. Yes, the textures on this thing do look soapy in 2023, but I still really enjoy donning this armor, both for its looks and the nostalgia factor.

6. VanCleef’s Battlegear

Void Elf Wearing a full and custom VanCleef Battlegear

This Alliance-specific armor always struck me as something that a SI-7 specialist might wear. Gold trimming, lion face on the buckle, regal blue cloth of it — together these elements combine into a set truly worthy of Stormwind’s stealthiest and deadliest assassins. But, I gotta point out that the hood and the mask never really cut it for me, and so I attached the picture of how I tend to use this transmog set up above.

5. Terrorblade Armor

Void Elf Rogue in the Terrorblade armor

Ah yes, the most iconic recolor of the Terrorblade armor, that is not even class-specific. I’ll be honest — this armor made the list mostly due to it being the first animated set on my memory. Character wearing this truly turns into some kind of a dark being that utilizes the simple power of fear with all the grimaces of horror adoring this armor set.

4. Castle Nathria Raid Mythic Leather Set

Human Monk wearing Witch Hunter armor from Castle nathria

Ever wanted to play a Witch Hunter with a tiny bit of fantasy flavor sprinkled on top? Well then, do I have a set for you! Live out your Van Helsing fantasies with the mythic recolor of Castle Nathria leather armor! Being a fairly recent addition to the game this set features unique 3D elements not commonly seen in older armors, like the combination of chest piece and legs selling you an illusion of your character wearing a full-on coat. Overall – it is a great option for the dark fantasy fans.

3. Darkshore Warfront Horde Leather (Elaborate)

Mag'har Orc in the Darkshore Upgraded Leather set

Darkshore elaborate sets really pushed the standards of what a WoW armor can look like. This armor is no exception. It features a lot of custom detailing, and looks quite menacing. A great option for Forsaken players, and the fans of gothic aesthetic in general. Unfortunately this set is very hard to get, as it requires you to complete the weekly Warfront: Darkshore quest and slowly assemble it piece by piece.

2. Vestment of Second Sight (mythic version)

Blood Elf Demon Hunter in armor of Second Sight weilding Warglaives of Azinoth

Now this armor is something special to me. Not only is it my second favorite leather armor in the game, but also my absolutely favorite Demon Hunter set to ever be released. In my eyes this armor truly personifies my favorite WoW expansion – the Legion. It is truly iconic, and I would absolutely recommend farming it out, if you still don’t own it. Just be aware that the mask might look a bit weird on Tauren, Worgen, Pandaren and Vulpera.

1. Dread Gladiator Alliance Leather

Human Rogue in Dread Gladiator Armor

And this is my pick for the top—1 leather armor in the game. There’s really nothing special about it — it isn’t flashy, has no bells and whistles, and yet it hits all the right spots. This Alliance-specific leather armor looks amazing in its minimalistic approach to design. The muted colors, the face plate, the hood — it all just works for the agile and nimble classes that the leather-wearers are. It is like a better realized version of armor #6 from the list. And the best part about it? — It is fairly easy to get. So if you play an Alliance Rogue, Monk, Demon Hunter or Druid this set is really worth looking into, in my opinion.

Do you agree with my picks? Or do you have a better full leather set in mind that you like better? Feel free to share your thoughts in our new comment section down below!

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