Top-10 Rarest Mounts with Unique acquisition methods in WoW

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Many things come to mind when talking about boasting in World of Warcraft. Epic armor sets, shining weapons, and cute pets, but nothing makes you stand out from the crowd like rare mounts. Many players AFK in their faction’s capitals showing off their brutal beasts and fancy machines. Join in on the fun — get one of the rarest mounts in the game from this list!

The best way to get rare mounts is through secret quests, exploration, and out-of-the-ordinary activities — you’ll go through an unforgettable adventure while getting yourself a new trusty steed. This top 10 unique mounts list does not include any ultra-rare boss drops. The percentage next to a mount’s name tells you how many accounts own said creature.

Sinrunner Blanchy — 17%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

Gain the trust of the ghost horse during the six-day quest chain in Revendreth. Be caring and meet Blanchy daily — you will notice hints of what it wants. Bring necessary food and equipment: apples, blankets, etc. (you can also use a guide for easier completion). Your patience will be awarded with a trustworthy spectral hoofed friend.

Springfur Alpaca — 10%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

Who doesn’t love alpacas, these cute animals? Especially when it is one of the rare mounts in WoW. To get one in your collection, you must feed seven Friendly Alpacas in Uldum for a week during Alpaca It In quest. Sure, it is time-consuming, but look at the pretty face!

The Hivemind — 10%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

This one is not cute at all. It is a brain with a jellyfish-like body. A team of 5 needs to solve different puzzles all across Azeroth. Start with buying and putting on the Talisman of True Treasure Tracking bought from Griftah in Shattrath. Even if you already know how to farm secret mounts from Lucid Nightmare treasure hunt, the Hivemind will still have something to surprise you with.

Long-Forgotten Hippogryph — 9%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

Getting this WoW secret mount bird can be tricky. You must find 5 Ephemeral Crystals that randomly spawn in Azsuna. Be sure to get these purple stones before anyone else and do not die in the process. Otherwise, you will need to start the chase for the Purple Hippogryph again. Use the community guide to help yourself.

Sundancer — 7%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

A flying horned horse called Sundancer is one of the unique WoW Shadowlands mount drops. Start with obtaining a Skystrider Glider. Then go to the south-eastern corner of Bastion and spy on the horse. It will proceed through the cliffs. Eventually, you will need to use the glider to land on Syndancer’s back. Calming the stallion during a quick time event is quite a task, but it won’t be over just yet. Sundancer will then challenge you in battle, so be ready to fight and conquer the beast!

Fabious — 6%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

Fabious is one of the Battle for Azeroth rare mounts. The drop method is quite interesting. First, you need to find this creature in Nazjatar. Then you need to take a selfie with this noble sea creature. And after that, the mount will appear in your collection. Remember that you need a special S.E.L.F.I.E. camera.

Fabious is extremely fast underwater — it is an underwater mount, after all. But you can use Budding Deepcoral to make it available on land.

Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank 5%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

Now we will see some more WoW’s unique mount obtaining methods. Ultramarine Qiraji Battle Tank has a specific feature —- it is the only Battle Tank (except the unobtainable Black one) you can use outside the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.

Use archeology and dig for Tol’vir fragments. The main difficulty is that the Battle Tank archeology project is so rare that you most likely won’t see it within your first 100 Tol’vir artifacts. And you can’t just dig in Uldum all the time!


Source: Warcraft Mounts

It is a mechanized aircraft with two seats. To get it, you must participate in a Recruit-a-Friend program. Your recruits need to subscribe for nine months of game time in total. It will be faster to refer nine individuals than one with a long-term subscription. Otherwise, you will need to wait nine months for this unique mount.

Voidtalon of the Dark Star — 4%

Source: Warcraft Mounts

To get this chaos bird, you must become a true ranger of Draenor. Travel through the land to find The Edge of Reality portal. It appears in random places with a 13-48 hours interval. Inside the portal, you will find a lootable egg with a 100% mount drop chance. WoW is all about challenges, so remember: the trick is to find a portal and enter it before anyone else.


Source: Wowpedia

Rarest Mount In Retail WoW was handed out by mistake. One-of-a-kind mechanostrider with no real acquisition method was given to the player Narshe after they accidentally deleted their mount. Narshe was allowed to keep the mount and was the only person in the world to actually own it on live servers.

Narshe lost it after a failed attempt at selling their account, and now this mount is lost forever, but its story will live on.

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