This Weekend: Dragonflight Free Trial Is Open

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You haven’t played WoW for a long time. But wait, what’s that? Patch 10.0.7 introduces the much-awaited heritage armor for Orc and Human? And cross-faction guilds are coming to Patch 10.1? What’s going on in the latest expansion? Doesn’t that just make you want to jump right into the action and see for yourself? And while there are tons of positive feedback from the community, there is that voice at the back of your mind questioning: “But what about the negative ones?” Hesitate, aren’t you? But worry no more. For this weekend, a free trial for Dragonflight is open so you can see things for yourself.


(Source: World of Warcraft)

From March 9 to 12, you will have the chance to experience the sacred homeland of the dragons. All dormant WoW accounts will be upgraded. You will have complete access to the game and your whole roster of characters. The ones in Dragonflight are also accounted for, even if you don’t own the expansion.

Rekindle your love for Azeroth during the trial period, as Dragonflight brings a plethora of exciting features. Other than the draconic warriors, there’s also an innovative talent system. Professions and specializations received their revamps, and a revolutionary Crafting Orders system. And, of course, the Dragonriding. It’s a brand-new form of aerial travel that will take your gameplay experience to new heights — literally.

If you were a part of the previous Dragonflight Trial, then you can resume your journey where you left off with your dracthyr Evoker. It’s important to note that your character won’t progress past level 60. But all the EXP you managed to harbor will be stored and later applied to your character if you ever decide to buy the expansion.

Don’t have a level 60 character? Be sure to take a peek at your app because Blizzard has something interesting waiting just for you.


To get started, you need to:

Wanting to continue your adventure after the trial period? You’re in luck. Dragonflight is on a 20% sale through March 15. Don’t miss out on the chance to heed the dragons’ call for such a great price. It may be worth checking out the community’s perspective on the game if you’re still uncertain. Additionally, if you’re interested in a more comprehensive analysis of the expansion’s pros and cons, consider taking a look at this article.

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