The War Within M+ PTR: Start date, new affixes, and more

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In its recent blue post, Blizzard discusses The War Within M+ PTR, its start date and the new affixes that are coming soon.

The War Within M+ PTR

In Dragonflight Season 4, Blizzard diligently worked on the current dungeon-difficulty system, which is created to provide both casual and experienced players with more endgame options and the opportunity to master Mythic dungeons before venturing into the ones with a ticking timer. Aside from that, the company plans to bring this system into The War Within, but with more updates.

The War Within M+ PTR start date

For those interested in Mythic+ dungeons, Blizzard is kicking off The War Within M+ PTR on June 13 at 10 AM (PDT), 1 PM (EDT), 7 PM (CEST), letting players try out the new affixes, and finishing it on June 18 at 10 AM (PDT), 1 PM (EDT), 7 PM (CEST).

Heroic and Mythic dungeons changes: what’s new

Blizzard has brought a lot of adjustments to Heroic and Mythic dungeons in The War Within. For more information about what has changed and how it will affect dungeon running in the upcoming expansion, you can check out our articles below:

In Season 1, players can participate in the following dungeons available on Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ difficulty. Some of them are brand-new, but some players have already met in previous expansions. We have also added the time you must complete these dungeons on Mythic+ difficulty. Keep in mind that these timers may change in the future when the War Within Season 1 sees the light of day:

Heroic, Mythic, and Mythic+ DungeonsMythic+ Timer
The Stonevault33 minutes
The Dawnbreaker35 minutes
Ara-Kara, City of Echoes30 minutes
City of Threads38 minutes
Grim Batol34 minutes
The Necrotic Wake36 minutes
Mists of Tirna Scithe30 minutes
Siege of Boralus36 minutes

Affix changes: what to expect

Affixes are the most exciting part of this article, and here is why. By making players’ in-game experience friendlier and much more comfortable to participate in, Blizzard presents the following changes. First, the Development Team wants to simplify the challenge in Mythic+ by making the design of affixes easier and reducing the visual chaos to reduce the mental effort players regularly go through during fights. Additionally, Blizzard wants to allow players to make situation-specific decisions based on the dungeon they are in.

Plus, these affixes will have some positive effects. The idea behind it is to showcase various types of damage each week, giving each spec more chances to perform well during the season. Players can try out different talents, gear, and consumables to take advantage of these effects, which sounds intriguing. This demonstrates that these affixes can add interest and provide an advantage to gameplay rather than just being annoying and causing negativity in combat. 

It is also important to note that the Afflicted, Incorporeal, Entangling, Storming, and Volcanic affixes from Season 1 of The War Within will be unavailable in the +4 keys. Anyway, Blizzard adds the following pool of affixes for the +7 keys:

4 new affixes in The War Within

Here’s the new pool of affixes awaiting us in The War Within Season 1, which you can test out in the dungeons we’ve listed in the section above named Heroic and Mythic dungeons changes.

Overall, there is a bunch of new stuff about dungeons and affixes coming up in the PTR and The War Within expansion. Make sure to join the PTR, and feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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