The War Within: Earthen Heritage Armor Datamined

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Being the first Neutral Allied race, the Earthen Heritage armor is something that fans have been looking forward to.

The War Within: Earthen Heritage Armor Datamined

The Earthen is a new playable race for both Alliance and Horde players in The War Within. To unlock the Earthen as an Allied race, you must complete The War Within’s level-up campaign and their associated quest. At the moment of writing, the specific requirements remain undisclosed. 

However, according to findings from Wowhead dataminers, the Earthen may receive their Heritage armor during The War Within expansion. Wowhead suggests that upon unlocking the Earthen, players can obtain their Heritage armor and the Heritage of the Earthen Feat of Strength by reaching level 50. Below, you’ll find what the Earthen Heritage armor looks like. And if you’re interested in more news and updates about The War Within, be sure to check out our overview here:

Male Earthen Heritage Armor

Female Earthen Heritage Armor

What do you think about the Earthen Heritage armor? We can’t wait to hear your opinions in the comments!

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