The War Within Delver’s Determination: Undertale Easter Egg?

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Is that Frisk coming to The War Within? Well, not really, but now you are filled with Delver’s Determination!

The War Within Delver's Determination: Undertale Easter Egg?

As discovered by MrGM, apparently, if you die too many times inside Delves, you’ll get stacks of Delver’s Determination:

“Your persistence in the face of adversity strengthens your resolve.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

With these buff stacking on your character, you’ll notice a 10% boost in damage dealt, a 10% increase in healing received, and a 10% increase in health. At the moment of writing, it remains uncertain whether this buff applies to high-level Delves. Also, the specific number of deaths required to trigger this buff remains unknown.

Delver’s Determination May Be An Undertale Easter Egg

The War Within Delver's Determination: Undertale Easter Egg?
(Official Undertale poster. Source: Nina Matsumoto)

The name Delver’s Determination may seem like a coincidence at first glance. However, given the underground nature of Delves, it appears this buff is, in fact, an Undertale Easter egg in The War Within. After all, a human soul’s Determination is a central theme in Undertale.

Naturally possessed by humans, Determination lets souls persist beyond death and allows our main character to interact with Save points throughout the game. However, to fully grasp the significance of Determination and the emotional rollercoaster it brings, we highly recommend you try out Undertale if you haven’t already. You will definitely not regret your time spent once you reach the end of it all.

What do you think of WoW Delver’s Determination? Do you think it’s a nod to Undertale? Or do you think it’s just a random coincidence? Let us know in the comments!

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