The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight

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The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight

Rumors are circulating that a fifth Old God is lurking in the shadows of WoW Dragonflight. And there is an abundance of evidence to bolster this theory. Well, aren’t you interested to find out what’s going on here?

The Old Gods have always been an ominous presence in the World of Warcraft. These enigmatic and terrifying beings serve as a vital component of its lore and have captured players’ attention for years. The last of their kind was seen back in the Battle for Azeroth. And after N’Zoth’s downfall, it appeared as if their menace had subsided. However, it seems the world has yet to be relieved from these treacherous entities. With a plethora of hints pointing to their lingering influence, it’s almost utterly certain that they will make a grand return in Dragonflight

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight

Before we dive in, it’s important to mention that the incredible WoW community deserves credit for discovering all these clues. And we would like to extend a special thanks to the YouTuber duo Taliesin & Evitel for their detailed coverage of the subject. We highly recommend watching their entire video, as it contains a wealth of fascinating information you definitely will find interesting. But beware, as both this article and their video contain spoilers for the game. So proceed at your own risk.

And now, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the puzzle pieces we have amassed thus far and see if we can uncover the identity of the fifth Old God

Before the Expansion Went Live

At first glance, WoW’s latest expansion appears to be primarily centered around the dragons. The world is filled with fun activities and wholesome interactions with the NPCs. Yet, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that things are not always what they seem.

The presence of the Old God has already been spotted in the three chapters of the Dragonflight Legacies. Namely, the downfall of Neltharion and the abnormal existence of Galakrond. The third cinematic clearly depicts the moment when Neltharion succumbs to the corrupting power of N’Zoth. And about the latter, we will explore the gargantuan proto-drake further down in this article.

This is not the only instance when N’Zoth was mentioned before the champions of Azeroth had the chance to step foot on the Dragon Isles. During the beta phase of this expansion, players were quick to notice a strange orange eye among piles of gold. And as if that wasn’t clear enough, tentacles were also emerging from the riches.

Unfortunately, this fascinating detail has since been replaced with Easter Eggs. There’s a chance that it’s just a coincidence. But there’s a higher chance that the developers wanted to conceal their true intentions for a while longer. Thus, avoid making it too obvious to perceptive fans.

Speaking about When the Expansion Went Live…

The Forbidden Reach

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight in The Forbidden Reach

Homeland to the Dracthyr. It’s where they were born. It’s where they were imprisoned for nearly 20,000 years. And it’s here that we will find a clue about the fifth Old God.

There are a lot of leads scattered around the Reach. But some that stand out are the abundance of the Naga and a few interesting books. First stop: “A Song of the Depths.” An excerpt of it goes like this:

“Rise, rise! Our Queen calls to us from beyond the Umbral Veil. She has transcended the Circle of Stars and basks in her eternal grandeur.”

— A Song of the Depths

It doesn’t only remind the community of Il’gynoth’s prophecy:

To find him, drown yourself in the circle of stars.

— Il’gynoth

But also pointing at the fate of one familiar face, Queen Azshara.

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight Queen Azshara

There are two ways to look at this. Firstly, judging by the number of Naga, perhaps the Queen referred to in this context is indeed Azshara. We don’t know where she is exactly at the moment. But it would mean that she’s not present in Azeroth at all. Thus, she’s potentially residing in the Void. Alternatively, if the Queen is not Azshara, the question arises as to the identity of the mysterious figure mentioned in the verse.

That’s not the only noteworthy moment of this eerie book, however. As it also mentions:

“The Harbinger speaks of a primal power that seeks the end of Order. Such rage can  be bent to serve our ends. A hunger lost to the ages will be reclaimed.”

— A Song of the Depths

A primal power? Hunger? Lost to the ages? Are we talking about Galakrond? After all, Galakrond was the largest among his kin. The reason for his abnormal growth was his insatiable hunger. He consumed his own kind and later vomited them as zombies or re-ate them. Soon, the proto-dragon rose to an enormous size, mutated with additional body parts, and became the sky’s dominant creature. Yet, ten thousand years passed. Galakrond is now a fossil laying dormant in the Boneyard. But knowing video games, ten thousand is just a number, as there are many ways to bring back an antagonist if they serve the plot well. 

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight Galakrond

Another book worth mentioning is “The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (Annotated).” While it has been around since Vanilla, new scribbles are added to it. The author of these personal opinions is unknown. However, judging by the arrogant tone of voice and the fact that this book is found in Neltharion’s collection, it may belong to Deathwing himself.

What makes it interesting is, on one particular page, the writing goes like this:

“The Pantheon shattered the Old Gods’ citadels and chained the five evil gods far beneath the surface of the world.”

— The Old Gods and the Ordering of Azeroth (Annotated)

It’s not four, guys. It’s five. It’s confirmed right in the game. And even the author of the scribbles doesn’t deny that fact, even though they scornfully disagree with practically everything else written in the book.

When We Traveled Back in Time

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight the Thaldraszus campaign

If you remember, in the Thaldraszus campaign, we embarked on a mission to rescue Chromie. Thus, we were transported back to a time when N’Zoth was still alive, whispering his twisted ideas into our ears as we traversed across Ny’alotha. And that’s not even the most unnerving part about this episode. As what’s uncanny about this were the ominous whispers:

“I… know you. What you were. What you will yet be.”
“You will follow him to the deep places. The dark waters will flow in his wake.”

— N’Zoth

It’s not hard to pinpoint to whom these lines belong. Who could it be other than N’Zoth? He knew we were from the future. He knew what would happen in the time to come. This begs the question of whether the Old God will modify his course to achieve a different outcome. And the answer, only time will tell. 

The View from Vakthros Summit in Azure Span

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight. The View from Vakthros Summit in Azure Span

Looking at this picture, do you see something familiar? If the answer is “Yes, it looks like N’Zoth,” then welcome to the club because you’re not the only one who thinks so! After all, the similarities between the two are so striking that it’s difficult to overlook. Particularly with the eye-like, orange portals and the landscape formed in the affinity of the Old God’s tentacles.

Alexstraza’s Mention Of “Terrible Bargains”

In the post-raid cutscene, following the defeat of Raszageth in the Vault of the Incarnates, Alexstrasza spoke about Iridikron. She disclosed that he had struck terrible bargains to keep their cause alive. According to her, the other Incarnates were oblivious to the true extent of what Iridikron had done. This revelation suggests that Iridikron may have engaged in unsavory dealings with dark powers.

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight. Alexstraza's Mention Of

And who do we know that love the sickly sweet taste of bargaining? The Old Gods, of course.

In Embers of Neltharion

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion

The new underground zone Zaralek Cavern is introduced. While Patch 10.1 has yet to hit the screen, many players have had the chance to explore the depth of the new subterranean playground in the PTR. Thus, they were also in for an intriguing interaction with the black dragons.

“Something about this place is causing me to lose focus and become distracted. That is how Fyrakk was able to defeat us so easily. I will not let that happen again.”

— Sabellian

Could it be possible that besides the Aberrus raid, an Old God is also being held captive in the depths of the Zaralek Caverns? Could this be the reason why the black dragons are being plagued by ominous whispers? Moreover, the presence of the ominous whispers in the caverns raises concerns about the potential fall of Neltharion’s sons. The possibility of them being influenced by the same forces that drove their father to corruption cannot be dismissed. After all, whatever is murmuring into their brains is still down there, and it’s in action.

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1 Fish

Another clue worth mentioning is this unusual fish. We have a whole article dedicated to this matter, so feel free to check it out here.

The Aberrus raid

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight Patch 10.1 the Aberrus raid

The Shadowed Crucible boasts a staggering nine bosses to defeat. Among them, the two last encounters are worth mentioning the most. 

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight. Echo of Neltharion

First up is Echo of Neltharion, a boss that truly stands out with unique storytelling mechanics. Braving through his three phases is like witnessing Neltharion slowly succumbing to the hand of the Old God.

The first stage is called: The Earth Warder. During this phase, the boss utilizes his Earth’s abilities

As the battle progresses into the second stage: Corruption Takes Hold, Echo of Neltharion starts lacing Void abilities into his arsenal. There are still signs of Earth, but they are much more scarce than in the first phase. In addition, he also unleashes void abilities and summons eerie Voices from Beyond. These ads will cast Corruption on the players. 

Finally, in the third stage: Reality Fractures, the boss completely abandons Earth’s abilities. Instead, he employs a devastating array of Void ones. Among these stands the Shattered Reality. With it, he opens a portal to the Void realm and lets loose a horde of twisted creatures to aid him in battle.

Next, we have the final boss, Scalecommander Sarkareth. As with Echo of Neltharion, Blizzard has ingeniously crafted the boss’s phases to narrate his story.

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight. Scalecommander Sarkareth

With Stage One being The Legacy of the Dracthyr. No sign of the Void to behold. 

Yet, things start to change in phase two: A Touch of the Forbidden. A disturbing shade of purple begins to creep into his arsenal as Sarkareth draws power from the Void to enhance his abilities. 

Finally, in stage three, The Seas of Infinity, he succumbs entirely to the Void. His appearance and abilities are completely consumed by its corrupting influence.

An Old God’s Prison

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight. Old God's Prison

We are at the last of our clues, guys! Sarkareth’s boss room appears to be on top of a chamber that resembles Yogg-Saron’s cell in Ulduar.

The key indicator that this chamber may be a prison for an Old God is that usually, in every cell we have seen up until now, there is a mosaic glass window depicting the imprisoned deity.

The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight. Yogg-Saron
The Fifth Old God: All Clues within WoW Dragonflight. Y'Shaarj

Likewise, the chamber we are examining features a mosaic window of its own, illustrating some entity that bears resemblances to Y’Shaarj. As the most powerful of the Old Gods, Y’Shaarj was supposedly eradicated from existence by the Titans, resulting in a wound on Azeroth. So why is there a prison cell for Y’Shaarj if he was exterminated? And if this chamber is not holding Y’Shaarj, then who is it for? Could it be for the fifth Old God? Well, we will have to wait and see.

Neltharion’s Remains in Aberrus

And would you look at that? Isn’t this post by MrGM interesting?

Blizzard appears to be laying the foundation for a broader narrative that revolves not only around the Old Gods, but also the Void. After all, it’s one of the two fundamental forces in the Warcraft universe, alongside the Light. And for a long time, the community has been wondering about what’s out there in the infinite emptiness. By delving deeper into this theme, the developers can answer many fans’ burning questions and open up countless narrative possibilities rich with intricate lore and captivating storytelling. And to add, there are quite a lot of hints pointing towards the Void’s involvement in Dragonflight as well. But that’s the story for another time.

Thank you so much for sticking around until the end of this article! Feel free to share any other theories you may have concerning the Old Gods and the Void in the comment section. Also, we would love to hear your thoughts on what you believe will unfold next in Dragonflight.

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There is a very interesting Stained-Glass Window and the fact it has its middle section missing.
The key thing about Stained Glass Windows is that in every instance where a location was supposedly linked to an Old God Prison where the “The Pantheon shattered the Old Gods’ citadels and chained the five evil gods far beneath the surface of the world.” a common element and thread, is a mosaic glass window depicting the Old God that The Pantheon had chained and imprisoned in that location.

Karazhan had this huge underground section below it originally that would clearly have been a place where an additional Old God could have been chained and imprisoned beneath but it was empty and whatever, was contained there had long been removed or left. However, what is more likely is that to be the case is that Karazhan was one of the Five Titan Facilities that chained and imprisoned the five old gods and Neltharion was the one who created the lie that this Old God managed to escape to the other Titans but in actual fact he orchestrated to have this fifth Old God relocated from the Karazhan Titan Facility and to his own personal Titan Research Facility Aberrus which the other Titans were unaware existed as it was shrouded.

Neltharion then ensured with the help of the rest of the Titan Pantheon that they would cover this up as for whatever reason this particular Old God was one which they were unable to keep contained like the other four and clearly was capable of escaping to a location that they were unable to locate. He ensured they constructed a plan to remove any knowledge of this fifth Old Gods existence even their name which they believed would prevent anyone from ever being influenced or corrupted by this Old God as nobody would ever know their name and that they existed. Neltharion’s plan all along what to experiment and research the Old God he had relocated but, this backfired it was this unknown fifth old god that managed to corrupt and influence Neltharion and eventually was able to likely trick Neltharion in to creating a portal across the veil of shadow for them to escape however, this means they are unable to access anything within the veil unless they have a previous connection to them. This is where the four other Old Gods and the various other whispers and corrupted things provide a conduit to this fifth one where they can influence, manipulate and orchestrate their return once they ensured all other threats had been removed from Azeroth – Elemental Lords, Other Old Gods, Titans Pantheon, The Eternals and the Naaru. One final point on this is that it was actually more likely that it was this fifth old god that grabbed Azshara and pulled her beyond the veil at the end of that encounter and not N’Zoth as he was unable to pierce the veil himself but with the assistance of the fifth old god they could as N’Zoth could not access beyond the veil but an old god that was outside the veil would be able to pierce it if they had a conduit they could connect through like another Old God.

Azshara is actually working with this fifth old god as it was this old god that was the one who helped her to actually ascend the circle of stars and be able to access and see beyond the veil.

All along we have been thinking that it was N’Zoth who has been influencing and manipulating things but, in actual fact it has always been the fifth old god that has been beyond the veil of shadow ensuring a means by which they can return and have anything that could have been a potential opponent or risk to their plans be removed or unable to prevent them from achieving their goal.

Just an idea and some thoughts that I had


Thank you so much for sharing such a well-thought and detailed comment! It gives me, as well as our other readers, a lot of food for thoughts ❤️

Honestly, I was really looking forward to learning more about the Old Gods in Aberrus after Sarkareth’s defeat. Just a pair of red eyes didn’t quite satisfy my curiosity :s Hopefully, Blizzard has some exciting plans to give us more insight in future updates.

Once again, I want to thank you for your valuable input to the discussion. Can’t wait to hear more of your thoughts on our upcoming blog posts! ^^