The Cloak of Infinite Potential Stat Cap Has Increased

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After the recent backlash, now, MoP Remix Cloak of Infinite Potential stat cap has increased to 10 million.

The Cloak of Infinite Potential Stat Cap Has Increased

As reported earlier, a WoW player discovered that the Cloak of Infinite Potential was capped at 200,000 despite Blizzard’s statement that the cloak had no limits. For more details on this matter, you will want to visit our article here:

This revelation sparked debate within the WoW community. Some supported Blizzard and defended the developers’ decision. Meanwhile, others voiced their discontent over the disparity between the cloak’s advertised capabilities and its actual limitations.

Responding to the community feedback, Blizzard has taken action by implementing a hotfix to increase the stat cap from 200,000 to 10 million. While this adjustment still doesn’t mean that the cloak’s potential is infinite, it provides players with significantly more room to thrive.

However, as many players have pointed out, while Cloak of Infinite Potential’s cap has been raised, other stats such as Mastery, Leech, Speed, Critical Strike, Haste, and Versatility continue to have their own hard caps:

What is a hard cap in WoW?

A hard cap in WoW is the point where a stat loses its effectiveness. It’s a maximum limit imposed on a particular game mechanic or attribute, which cannot be exceeded under any circumstances.

For example, in this case, we have Mastery hardcaps at 36,000. This means that no matter which gear, abilities, or how many buffs your character acquires, they can’t exceed the benefits provided by 36,000 Mastery.

Hard caps are usually implemented in game design to prevent certain mechanics from becoming overpowered or breaking the game’s balance. They ensure that players cannot reach absurdly high values that would make them unstoppable or trivialize content.

Once players reach these thresholds, their progression becomes limited once more, regardless of whether the cloak’s cap is set at 200,000 or 10 million. It remains to be seen whether Blizzard intends to adjust these hard caps in the future. And along with that, the potential impact of such adjustments to MoP Remix if they are really implemented.

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to see all the stat caps increased, or are you satisfied with the current state of the game? Share your opinions with us in the comments below!

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Stat-caps should definately be removed. I’m currently progressing solo-raids, but with gear almost at max, I’ll be left with cape as the only means the increase my damage. I planned to farm until I am able to do anything, but once I hit cap on all stats, I’m only left with strength. But the threads will still give me stats the have no value anymore.
Makes no sense. Blizzard should eigther remove the hard-caps for remix; or at least make the cloak stop giving maxed stats so we can farm primary stats at the end.