Tencent’s Tarisland: A Made-in-China World of Warcraft

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Tencent, the Chinese tech giant, is preparing to unveil a new addition to the MMORPG world, Tarisland. The game is expected to start its testing phase on both PC and mobile platforms in the coming days.

It has elements similar to the giant World of Warcraft. For example, dragon-riding and demon-slaying. It even has the same Chinese voice actors, some overly familiar cutscenes and character designs.

This release has raised questions about its potential impact on Blizzard. Many are curious about how this will affect the relationship between the two companies, as Tencent is also the licensing partner of Blizzard in China. The future of the MMORPG genre and the fate of the WoW franchise in China are also under question. After all, the WoW developer has been facing controversies in the vast Eastern market.

With Tarisland, the Chinese company is positioning itself as a major player in the MMORPG area. It’s interesting to see how the game will fare in the future.

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