Finally, some updates for Shamans in The War Within Beta!

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In a recent blue post, Blizzard informed the community about some long-awaited updates for Shamans in The War Within Beta build, which will see the light of day next week.

Shamans in The War Within Beta

Previously, many Shaman players have frequently complained about Blizzard neglecting their class and ignoring overall survivability, spec, and talent issues in The War Within Beta. While other classes and specs have been showered with numerous updates and tweaks in each patch, the Shaman has received little to nothing but a change to the Healing Tide Totem. However, finally, some changes are on the way. 

Thanks to player feedback, the Development Team collected valuable data during the first few weeks of testing. After aligning this data with Blizzard’s goals and working tirelessly on Shamans’ updates after that, it is safe to say that the company is ready to launch these adjustments in the next Beta build, which will be next week, allowing players to test them and provide more feedback to the Developers.

Before this, Blizzard implemented TWW Beta-tuning hotfixes for Shamans this week, increasing Elemental‘s damage by 30%. However, it’s important to note that these changes will not be included in next week’s package.

It is great to see Blizzard considering the community’s feedback, so seeing more changes coming down the pike would also be exciting. If you play Shaman, what are your thoughts on these minor changes? Do you think it’s enough to compensate for Blizzard’s lack of care for such a long time? Also, are you looking forward to the major ones next week? Share your opinions in the comments!

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