Race to World First: Sepulcher of the First Ones

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Players have long known that the Race of Progress opens with the release of the new raid. The best guilds in the world begin to dress up their characters and conquer the maximum difficulty of the bosses.

As you might have realized, the main goal is to kill the last boss first in the world. This task requires not only an understanding of the game and knowledge of tactics, but also perfect preparation of the entire squad. It happens that heroes spend about 500 million, maybe even a billion gold just to add 1% dps to their character.

At this point, the Race in Sepulcher of the First Ones raid is over and the winner is known. It was the world-famous Echo guild. Jailer fell at their hands on March 26.

Final Leaderboards

This WoW race to world first leaderboard shows in what order and when guilds killed bosses. The first boss was killed by The Early Shift, after which Liquid took over and showed incredible results for 8 days. After that the real battle began, but Echo took the lead and grabbed the initiative, being the first in the world to defeat the last three bosses.

Boss Guild Region and Realm Tries Time CET and Date
1. Vigilant Guardian The Early Shift US-Bleeding Hollow 56 Wednesday, March 9, 9:23 PM
2. Skolex, the Insatiable Ravener Liquid US-Illidan 2 Thursday, March 10, 12:09 AM
3. Artificer Xy’mox Liquid US-Illidan 16 Thursday, March 10, 2:45 AM
4. Dausegne, the Fallen Oracle Liquid US-Illidan 4 Thursday, March 10, 3:37 AM
5. Prototype Pantheon Liquid US-Illidan 34 Thursday, March 10, 5:34 PM
6. Lihuvim, Principal Architech Liquid US-Illidan 41 Friday, March 11, 4:43 AM
7. Halondrus the Reclaimer Liquid US-Illidan 357 Monday, March 14, 6:16 PM
8. Anduin Wrynn Liquid US-Illidan 216 Friday, March 18, 6:32 PM
9. Lords of Dread Echo EU-Tarren Mill 62 Saturday, March 19, 8:51 PM
10. Rygelon Echo EU-Tarren Mill 203 Monday, March 21, 4:03 PM
11. The Jailer, Zovaal Echo EU-Tarren Mill 278 Saturday, March 26, 11:01 PM

One of the key moments during the battle with Zovaal was its secret phase. The players had yet to discover it.

Overview and Results for All Bosses

The Mythic World First Race began on March 8, immediately after maintenance and urgent fixes were introduced by the developers. At the same time, Blizzard head Mike Ybarra wished the best of luck to all participants.

The next day was entirely devoted to collecting the necessary items and the first set pieces. For the most part, players went on random raids, bought dropped equipment from others, and tried to become as strong as possible. On this day, in the evening, The Early Shift guild defeated the Vigilant Guardian on 56 attempts.

On the night of March 10, Liquid switched to mythic difficulty and defeated Skolex, Xy’mox and Dausegne in 3 hours. Below is Liquid’s and other guilds gear at the close of 4/11.

Prototype Pantheon was defeated by Liquid on the same day, but after a while. At the same time, Echo was already as close to the favorites as possible, going straight to Halondrus.

The night of March 11 was intense — Liquid got through Lihuvim, where they encountered a bug, which the developers fixed online. Echo, on the other hand, made 5/11 progress and took second place in the Race. At that time, 56 guilds from around the world participated in the Race.

Toward evening, Echo defeated Lihuvim, and Team Liquid went to challenge Halondrus. At 7:21 PM, the Chinese Alpha team was the first in the world to defeat Jailer in Heroic.

After a couple of days and 268 attempts, Halondrus didn’t give up, and Mike Ybarra encouraged the players by posting a symbolic picture of a drawn crab on his Twitter account.


Halondrus climbed to second place among all non-final bosses, with only Avatar of the Fallen remaining in first place.

The Great Crab was killed by Liquid on March 14 after 357 attempts and 18 hours of game time to complete. Final seconds of the battle:

The next day Liquid had already started on Anduin and managed to put him down 72%, while Echo defeated Halondrus with 361 tries. SK Pieces had a slightly better result, although it happened later — the boss was killed with a 307 pull.

There was a lull over the next few days, with players again improving their gear and completing other activities. On March 18, Anduin was defeated in a 1×1 fight with Liquid’s main tank. The next day the boss was handled by Echo, and the race favorites dropped Lords of Dread to 13.36% HP.

On the evening of the 19, we had the most productive night ever as the Echo were the first in the world to defeat the Lords of Dread and make progress on 9/11. Recording the last seconds:

A couple of days later, Echo did not give up their position and showed the best result, killing Rygelon. The guild was on the finish line and now only Jailer was in front of them. Defeating the Boss. On the same day, the Liquid team also handled it.

Next was the most stressful week in learning the Jailer and players couldn’t even make it to the secret phase, but when it did, the boss shocked absolutely everyone. After his health score reached 10%, Diverted Life Shield was activated, which healed the boss by almost 1/4 and gave an absorption of 7 million damage, and the entire raid died instantly.

Players had a theory that it was possible to reduce the amount of health the boss restores during the secret phase. It worked — the warriors were forced to take the Arms specialization and permanently cast Mortal Strike. As a result, the boss was healing in half.

The Liquid roster was very tired and the guild leader decided to take a break. The players planned to continue in a couple of days, but Echo was ruthless and defeated Zovaal an hour after this announcement.

Immediately after that the Hall of Fame was opened, in which Echo took the honorable first place. In total the boss lasted almost 3 weeks since the opening of the raid and became one of the most difficult in the history of the latest expansions.

Interesting fact: Jailer was defeated exactly 12 years after the Paragon guild defeated Arthas Lich King in Heroic. It is noteworthy that both bosses are closely related by lore and are final in their expansion.

The Cost of World First — Liquid, SK Pieces and Method

The Jailer has fallen, the guilds have taken their deserved places, and it’s time to sum up the costs. Most of it was distributed among the players, so that they could purchase BoE at auction, when going on raids with other players, or just buy Flasks and Pots.

The amount of gold spent:

It is not known about the costs of Echo, which came in first place. The amounts seem colossal and it is almost impossible to farm that much, so most of it is borrowed. After the race is over, guilds offer their boosting services for gold to give everything back.

If you want to complete the Sepulcher of the First Ones raid, but can’t find a team or do not have time to do it, you can always ask for this service here.

GG Echo and other guilds, it was an unforgettable competition.

Written by Kaledan.

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