SafeSharing – a Tool to Maximize Your Account Safety

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We’d like to introduce to SafeSharing – a unique tool that maximizes your account safety when getting a piloted boost

Why would I use this app?

Blizzard and other game developers do not encourage account sharing between individuals, and sometimes they might punish players by removing their recent progress, rewards and even suspending accounts for a month. To protect our customers, we’ve developed a unique application that hides account-sharing and counters the advanced detection methods!

How does the app work?

SafeSharing reroutes your booster’s connection to the game server through your home network. This method allows to bypass the security checks by making the game server only detect a familiar network and IP address during the boost.

Let me explain why you want to use the app by taking WoW as an example. When Blizzard are on the hunt for piloted boosties, they check their data on a subject of “sudden IP address change and completion of an activity afterwards”. With SafeSharing it is practically impossible to detect the fact that someone else completed a hard-to-do activity in your stead, due to lack of aforementioned IP address change. There are still few factors that might compromise app’s work, such as your internet provider giving you a dynamic IP, or general poor internet quality on your or booster’s side to name a few, but it is still many times safer than standard account-sharing.

Step by step guide on using SafeSharing

It is advised you disable VPN on your PC temporarily. It might interfere with the app, and break the connection between you and your booster.

Once you made a purchase on WowVendor you can ask Customer Support for a download link to SafeSharing app. Save the executable file anywhere on your PC and open it. No installation process is required. You can delete the application right after your carry is finished.

You will receive your own Secure Key from Customer Support after applying for a download link to the app itself. Copy your personal Secure Key and paste it into the app. Click on the “Remember” checkbox, so you won’t need to enter it again next time manually.

Press the Launch button, and you should be all set. Don’t forget to leave the app open even if you are away from your PC. Otherwise, your booster won’t be able to connect and fulfill your order.

Close the app whenever you would like to play on your account. However, your booster will get immediately disconnected and might lose the current progress. Please contact our support team in advance to avoid any unwanted situations.

Your account safety is our top priority here at WowVendor, and this is why we developed and encourage you to use the SafeSharing app. With SafeSharing your chances at losing your Mage Tower rewards, or any rewards received via a piloted boost are as low as possible.

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